A Call to Use Local and National Maps for TOGG!

A Call to Use Local and National Maps for TOGG!
A Call to Use Local and National Maps for TOGG!

Başarsoft, which uses the maps it produces for navigation systems by Google and Apple, wants TOGG, the domestic automobile project prepared for mass production, to use local maps in its navigation system.

Making a statement to WORLD, Alim Küçükpehlivan, CEO of Başarsoft, stated that they continue to produce up-to-date maps and stated that Başarsoft's maps are also used in public services such as police and ambulance. Küçükpehlivan stated that Başarsoft has been producing the digital map of Turkey since its establishment in 1997 and constantly updating this information.

Alim Küçükpehlivan said that his constantly updated maps are used as a single map in many public institutions, including the General Directorate of Security, together with 112 ambulances and related services, and said, “We provide services with a very high data quality of 95 percent in Ardahan and İzmir at every scale of the country.” Stating that Google has abandoned the foreign map since 2006 and Apple has started to use the Başarsoft map since 2018, Küçükpehlivan said, “Companies such as Apple leave their maps in countries where they see a certain size in the market, if better maps are produced, and move there. Because they receive fewer complaints,” he said.

Defendant with global automobile brands

Alim Küçükpehlivan said that the lawsuit they filed against global automobile brands on the grounds that they copied Başarsoft maps continues. Küçükpehlivan, in his statement in October 2021, had reported that many domestic and foreign companies serving in this field in Turkey had stolen the Başarsoft map. Küçükpehlivan stated that they set up a trap with fake street names in order to detect that the system was copied exactly, and said that they found that car brands operating on a global scale also did this and they filed lawsuits against them.

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