Laser Treatment of Tear Duct Occlusion

Laser Treatment of Tear Duct Occlusion
Laser Treatment of Tear Duct Occlusion

Kaşkaloğlu Eye Hospital Physicians Op. Dr. Lale Geribeyoğlu said that lacrimal duct obstruction, which manifests itself with tearing, pain, redness and swelling, adversely affects the quality of life.

Stating that they perform drug therapy and laser application according to the condition of the disease, Op. Dr. Lale Geribeyoğlu stated that the operation gave successful results.

Dr. Geribeyoğlu said, “Surgical application may be required in the treatment of this disease, which manifests itself with the complaint of excessive watering and burrs as a result of occlusion of the tear duct due to trauma, recurrent infections or structural reasons. The tear duct is reconstructed using external or endoscopic (intranasal) approaches and, if necessary, laser systems. After these surgeries, which are 90-95% successful, it is possible to easily return to daily life with 2-3 days of rest. In tear duct obstruction, surgeries can now be performed through the nose with laser. Healing happens quickly and without leaving any traces.


Providing information about tear duct obstruction, Op. Dr. Lale Geribeyoğlu, “In the acute situation, there is pain, redness and swelling in the sac region. Antibiotic treatment is started immediately. When it heals, there is now a permanent blockage and surgery is required. Chronic tear duct obstruction causes eye watering and lacrimal sac inflammation. There is pus with watering and pressure from chronic tear duct obstruction. The only solution is surgery. The surgery is done through the nose. Intranasal surgery is preferred as it does not leave any traces outside. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes an average of 30-40 minutes. There is no need to stay in the hospital after the operation. The patient can go home when he feels well. After the operation, there is no swelling on the face, the patients can return to their normal life immediately.

Kiss. Dr. Lale Geribeyoğlu noted that with the development of technology, the treatment of lacrimal duct occlusion became easier and continued as follows: “With endoscopic methods, tear duct occlusion surgery is performed without cutting the skin, without scarring, without bleeding. Because the process during and after the operation is more comfortable, even elderly patients can easily undergo surgery.

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