Karşıyaka Municipality Announced Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans

Karşıyaka Municipality Announced Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan
Karşıyaka Municipality Announced Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan

Karşıyaka Municipality announced the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan. Speaking at the introductory meeting, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu said that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has prepared an İzmir Sustainable Energy and Climate Action plan against the global climate crisis and has taken important steps, Karşıyaka He said that he will always support the municipality.

Karşıyaka “Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan” prepared by the Municipality to draw attention to and combat the climate crisis. Karşıyaka Zübeyde Hanım was introduced at the Wedding House. Mustafa Özuslu, Deputy Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Karşıyaka Mayor Cemil Tugay, Chamber of Environmental Engineers İzmir Branch President Helil İnay Kınay and guests attended.

The program started with 10-year-old Öykü Çiftçi reading the poem “A Child's Call”. Afterwards, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu reminded that local governments have to work hard to create livable cities in every sense.

A very valuable work.

Referring to the destruction caused by climate change, Özuslu said, “Climate change and sustainable energy is a multidimensional and multi-actor issue that needs to be dealt with and that needs to be worked on with such action plans. As Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, we have given the assurance that we have taken and will take important steps on these issues with the Izmir Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan, which we implemented after being approved by the parliament last year. Karşıyaka The 'Sustainable Energy and Climate Plan', which the Municipality has developed together with different stakeholders and is now about to put into action, will of course provide valuable data in terms of providing a permanent awareness and capacity increase. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we will always support this work, which will constitute one of the important steps in creating resilient cities, at the point of the necessity of holistic solutions under the leadership of Tunç Soyer.”

Everyone should try

Karşıyaka Mayor Cemil Tugay also made a presentation on the project. Referring to the dimensions of the problem, Cemil Tugay said, “While we were trying to take measures against the global climate crisis quietly, we realized from the very beginning that we needed to put up a fight with a viable and sustainable action plan on the other. We will be in full compliance with the relevant units of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. We have matured this process with the cooperation and support of a sensitive team and our sensitive mayor. We have to get out of the dungeon where this question has imprisoned us. It is something that every individual should strive for. Nobody should say, 'I can't change anything by doing something on my own'. We can achieve many things with the small measures you take during the day.”

We destroyed their future

Helil İnay Kınay, Head of İzmir Branch of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers, said, “We have to listen to the words of our bright young friend in the process caused by our habits and policies. Because we destroyed their future. This project will be a very important step in turning words into action. Our struggle for a livable world will continue with determination.”

Sustainable projects should be made

Turkey Healthy Cities Association Director Murat Ar stated that it is time to take precautions and said: “We are living in a period where we feel the effects of climate change with the pandemic that has turned our lives upside down for the last two years. The events that we have lived through and will continue to live in make it compulsory for us to act in line with sustainable projects with a management approach that is resistant to disasters and compatible with climate change.”

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