6 New Measures Taken Due to Adverse Winter Conditions in Istanbul

6 New Measures Taken Due to Adverse Winter Conditions in Istanbul
6 New Measures Taken Due to Adverse Winter Conditions in Istanbul

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya announced the new measures they took due to adverse winter conditions. Yerlikaya shared the following on his Twitter account:

“In the meeting of the Provincial Public Health Board dated 25.01.2022;

Due to the forecast reports received from the Regional Directorate of Meteorology and the ongoing adverse weather conditions;

1- Provided that there is a minimum level of personnel for the execution of compulsory services by our institutions; except security, health and transportation services; civil servants, workers and other personnel will be on administrative leave on Wednesday, January 26, 2022,

2- The disabled, disabled and pregnant women working in public institutions and organizations will be considered on administrative leave on 26-27-28 January 2022,

3- The departure of intercity passenger buses in Esenler, Harem and all mobile bus stations will be stopped until 26:2022 on Wednesday, January 09.00, XNUMX,

4- In line with the consultations with our University Rectors in Istanbul, higher education in our city will be suspended until Monday, 31 January 2022,

5- Suspension of education in Special Education and Rehabilitation Centers on 26-27-28 January 2022,

6- Vehicles traveling from Thrace and Anatolia to Istanbul will be restricted from entering our city until further notice,


Created within the scope of the "Circular on Winter Measures" published by our Ministry of Interior, in the snow-fighting activities in our province; 18.029 personnel and 5.227 vehicles were intervened in search and rescue, health, evacuation and resettlement, security and traffic, nutrition, food, agriculture and livestock, energy, transportation-infrastructure, transportation, communication, shelter and technical support and supply working groups.

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