Investment Plan Response from Imamoglu: It is a betrayal of the people of Istanbul, it is evil

Investment Plan Response from Imamoglu is Betrayal to the People of Istanbul, It is Evil
Investment Plan Response from Imamoglu is Betrayal to the People of Istanbul, It is Evil

📩 18/01/2022 15:51

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu; He examined the Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe-Sultanbeyli Metro, which will pass through 3 districts, with 8 stations and a length of 10,9 kilometers. Commenting on the agenda of the journalists, İmamoğlu answered the question about the purchase of 300 metrobus and the Sefaköy-Beylikdüzü-TÜYAP metro line not being included in the Presidential investment plan, "Küçükçekmece, Avcılar, Beylikdüzü, Büyükçekmece, Esenyurt; When we put them together, we are talking about a population of close to 3,5 million. We're talking about the big traffic jam in that section. Failure to run this process, not to give approval, not to be included in the investment plan regarding this neglected area is a betrayal and evil for the people of Istanbul. Here I am making my call and warning in the highest tone: We will decipher the rulers who betrayed the people of Istanbul one by one; whoever” he replied.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, made examinations on the Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe-Sultanbeyli Metro. Imamoglu, who received information about the line from IMM Deputy Secretary General Pelin Alpkökin, made evaluations about the line to the journalists after the examination. Saying, “Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe and Sultanbeyli are a very important line for us,” İmamoğlu said, “We both experienced the tunnel exit moment of a TBM on this line and saw the start of a TBM's mission. We're even watching it live right now. Unfortunately, this line is also not planned well, after a stagnating period, we have taken care of its financing, production, and especially at this point, both the preparation of technical bases, the good planning of the process and the really positive concentration of the contractors of this line to the process, carries out a healthy operation to Istanbul today. . Cekmekoy-Sancaktepe and Sultanbeyli line will have a manufacturing and opening primarily for Sancaktepe City Hospital. Then Sultanbeyli…”


Explaining that they aim to recover the line by the end of 2024, İmamoğlu said, “As a matter of fact, it will bring the population on the upper part of the TEM highway, where the dense population lives in the northernmost part of Istanbul, to other lines. With a position that includes Sultanbeyli, Sancaktepe, and even a part of Ümraniye together with Çekmeköy, it will provide a strong transportation line. On this line, I hope in advance, and I wish the days when we will reach the end together. I wish success to all my colleagues and contractor companies. After the evaluations, İmamoğlu answered journalists' questions about the agenda. The questions asked to İmamoğlu and the answers given by the İBB President to the questions were as follows:


The İncirli-Beylikdüzü line was not included in the Presidential investment program. You also brought the reaction of social media. Then some reactions came from the AK Party woman. There are comments that the IMM has exceeded the legal borrowing limit and that those signatures were not signed for this reason. How do you evaluate?

“First of all, it is necessary to talk about the İncirli-Sefaköy-Beylikdüzü (Sefaköy-Beylikdüzü-TÜYAP) line. As someone who has lived in that region for nearly 33 years, I remember the first promise about this line, which is of great interest to the population of Avcılar, Küçükçekmece, Büyükçekmece, Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt, even a part of Başakşehir, that is, even a part of Bahçeşehir. . It's like December of 2003. Why? There is a local election in 2024. Let them open it, let them see it in the AK Party archives. I'm talking about an AK Party government that made this promise to the people, 'We will start right after the election'. He is talking about AK Party local administrators. 2004; It's been almost 18 years. And I think 18 years ago in that region, maybe the population they will bring was 1,5 million, while the population under the influence is 3,5 million now. And this line has not started. As soon as we arrived, we handled this business as a top priority line. In other words, we handled the process as a project and strengthened its feasibility. We also discussed its financing. And we have even completed all our feasibility studies, as if it were related to the Mahmutbey-Esenyurt line and it would become more efficient.”


“We made a preliminary protocol with the EBRD on this issue. In other words, we made a preliminary protocol to provide financing. And then they completed the projects of this process and contacted all institutions and organizations in Ankara, friends. So this is a relationship of about 9-10 months. So it's not a current relationship. Here I will not express how it was kept on the table, how it was pushed aside. Because the people sitting at those tables today were unfortunately the people sitting at some tables in the Metropolitan yesterday. I won't go into that part, but there cannot be a more concrete example of the evil that some people who have personal passion, personal jealousy, that is, jealousy about Istanbul, do to prevent a service. In this, I mean the Minister. I mean other managers.”


“Küçükçekmece, Avcılar, Beylikdüzü, Büyükçekmece, Esenyurt; When we put them together, we are talking about a population of close to 3,5 million. We are talking about one in four people in Istanbul. We're talking about the big traffic jam in that section. When we include Başakşehir, we also started the first metro to the west of Istanbul; Mahmutbey-Esenyurt line. This is the second important subway. In this regard, not operating this process, not giving approval, not being included in the investment plan regarding this neglected area is betrayal and evil for the people of Istanbul. Here I am making my call and warning in the highest tone: We will decipher the rulers who betrayed the people of Istanbul one by one. Whoever. From top to bottom; whoever. Don't let them tell me about borrowing, budget, etc. nonsense. Who disapproved of this? Why didn't he approve? Let them answer it. All in 2020, did they do theater unanimously in the Parliament? I'm wondering about that too. They made a theater in the Istanbul Metropolitan Assembly. 'Let go; How did they unanimously raise their hand on the mind that says, 'We won't approve it anyway in Ankara', that is, the bus purchase approval; in the same way, they should not try to play theater in this, by referring to the budget, to it.”


“Look, what would have happened if it had already been signed on metrobuses that have exceeded a million kilometers? I asked the Honorable President at the funeral of the late Kadir Topbaş, next to the tomb of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han. 'Why don't you sign this? We need it.' 'We sign…' 'We talk…' That's the answer I got. There were people with me. See; What did those who manage all these affairs with political ambition and objections do? Today, 300 bustle and clean buses used to serve instead of buses that have exceeded a million kilometers. Already. Because it takes about 1-1,5 years to tender, purchase and deliver. It has already been 1,5 years since he left the parliament. Who are you punishing? Ekrem İmamoğlunot that. You only hurt me. You are punishing 16 million Istanbulites, not me. It includes AK Party members, Republican People's Party members, everyone. For God's sake, what insanity is this?"


“Now, sir, the budget, this, this. I'll give them a budget lesson. For those who wrote this, I give a budget lesson. Their minds are spinning, their heads are spinning. I'll give them a budget lesson. Those who give us answers should look at what Turkey's budgets have become. Currency increase, inflation… In other words, if our budgets of 100 liras were 200 liras today, our money did not increase, our income did not increase. Look, there are contractor friends here. The average increase in the work they do in this CPC or here is 70-80-90 percent. 'We bring CPC from abroad,' he says, 'from China or Germany.' These are in Euro, Dollar or any other currency. Who are they cheating? What budget is he talking about? If the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality does not have a borrowing permission, why did they approve the budget 3 months ago, which is below the definition of borrowing. Why didn't they come out then and say, 'You don't have any debt'?"


“Look, they cannot deceive this nation through the budget game. Do you know what the budget is? The one who goes with the money in the pocket of the low-income and queues in front of the People's Bread kiosks for 3 breads instead of 5 breads, the summary of the budget. Let them go look at him. They shouldn't try to give me a budget lesson, I'll blow their minds. For him, the summary of the work is this: One; Istanbul's Beylikdüzü-Sefaköy and even İncirli… Even though my friends wrote on the Sefaköy-İncirli line saying, 'Give us the analysis, let's analyze this line,' he did not even reply to this, Mr. Minister of Transport. I called him twice on the phone. I left a note to his office saying, 'There is an urgent matter, I want to discuss it'. One from 5 months ago, one from 3 months ago. Again on this subject. He didn't turn. Do you know why I'm looking for him? Not because of its name. I never call, even by name. I'm calling him because he is Turkey's Minister of Transport. I'm looking for it. He has to answer me too. I am the mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. 16 million people will blow his mind otherwise. So what have we done? We had a problem in the walking of the metro line, which will be used by the people of Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt, Avcılar, Küçükçekmeha. Why? A signature. It's one signature. It's not like signing a book. This is something else. 16 million people are affected.”


"Latter; For 300 years, they have prevented Istanbul residents from meeting with the bus on the new metrobus line. Let them ask themselves, 'Did the theater play in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, while the AK Party council members unanimously raise their hands?' These authorities come and go. Party affiliations, this, this, all look aside. The main thing is to serve the nation. I say it everywhere. This project is not a party project. This project is the project of the nation and the state. Pelin Hanım is serving today, tomorrow someone else may serve. It was someone else yesterday. Today I am the Mayor, tomorrow someone else. Today one is the President, tomorrow another. Everyone is remembered for their deeds, language, practices and work. Let them be a little virtuous. Let them take some responsibility for the public. People will say good prayers about them, maybe tomorrow. Let them make up their minds. They are already leaving; Let them go well.”


Your previous mayor had a statement saying, 'We will invest in subways in the districts where we received a lot of votes'. What is your opinion?

"What to do there? Look, where do we want to find and do cansiparane financing today? Cekmekoy. Where? Sancaktepe. Where? from Sultanbeyli. Sultanbeyli is perhaps one of the districts where my party received the least votes. It is clear that he manages Çekmeköy and Sancaktepe. AK Party municipalities. The people have chosen. He's on duty. I wish they had come here; they cannot come. If allowed, they will come. Some come boldly, I applaud them. Let them come, because he too has been chosen. It has a place on my head. Just as I should be. That's how it is. If you keep the will of the people ahead, everything will be fine. If you don't hold it, you think it's beautiful, you shrink. Therefore, we serve the public. I am currently in Çekmeköy, I am in Sancaktepe, I am in Sultanbeyli. Look, the students are waving to me, the next-door neighbors here. For God's sake, are we looking at which party it belongs to? We entrust our love and hearts to them. They show us their respect. We do business together. It is not clear who will be where tomorrow. In that respect, with all these concepts, the mind that serves by making political distinctions, the mind that names its project as a party, will never work in Turkey. The mind that glorifies its nation and state in Turkey creates beautiful traces and works for the future. This is the path we walk. We have never looked at any neighborhood, street, avenue, or district with the eyes of political discrimination in Istanbul, we will not, we will not. This is our attitude.”


  1. He said CPC, he said foreign exchange, he said increased price, he said, he said. But he did not mention that he borrowed money in foreign currency. Has your foreign currency melted down, Kofteci Eko, is your work left unfinished?

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