'Heroes of Snowy Peaks' Are Trained in Uludağ

'Heroes of Snowy Peaks' Are Trained in Uludağ
'Heroes of Snowy Peaks' Are Trained in Uludağ

In addition to ski resorts in different regions of Turkey, gendarmerie teams in the fight against terrorism receive training on snowmobiles and multi-purpose small terrain vehicles (UTVs) in Uludağ. Selected personnel working in the Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK), Gendarmerie Special Operations (JÖH), commandos and internal security units affiliated to the Gendarmerie General Command are also trained in the safe use of vehicles that will enable them to travel in difficult climate and geographical conditions.

In this context, Snow Motorcycle and UTV Safe Driving Techniques Course is given to “heroes of snowy peaks” in the training area in Bursa Uludağ.

The trainings carried out by the Bursa Gendarmerie Traffic School Command, which is displayed on the summit at an altitude of 2, by the AA team, continue on difficult tracks.

JAK, which carries out safety, security, search, rescue, first aid and evacuation activities at the ski resorts in the areas of responsibility of the gendarmerie, personnel working in the internal security, gendarmerie command and JÖH units participating in the fight against terrorism in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region, while continuing these activities, such as snowmobiles and UTVs. also uses tools.

The personnel selected to use the vehicles in question are given theoretical and practical trainings lasting 2 weeks in certain periods by the expert trainers of the Gendarmerie Traffic School Command.

They Drive on Tough Tracks at 10 Degrees Below Zero

1 JAK personnel, including 16 female, who came to Yunuseli Barracks in Osmangazi district, where the school is located, from various ski resorts they work for, received practical training in climatic conditions of up to 10 degrees below zero, after theoretical training.

First aid training of the personnel, whose features, use, maintenance and storage of snowmobiles and UTVs were explained in detail, was also reinforced.

The trainees were then given hands-on training in the training area at 2 meters in Uludağ, in harsh weather and terrain conditions.

The trainees, who experienced the techniques of turning with vehicles, maneuvers and the use of brakes, also practiced evacuation of patients and casualties on ski stretchers with snowmobiles.

The trainees who passed through the trenches with the vehicles in question were also taught how to use snowmobiles and UTVs on flat, side, steep and rough terrain.

At the end of the training, those who are successful among the gendarmerie personnel who will be subjected to the applied and written exam are entitled to receive their certificates. kazanwill ache.

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