Ford Meets Campers at Caravanist & Outdoorist Fairs

Ford Ford Meets Campers at Caravanist & Outdoorist Fairs Meets with Campers at Outdoorist Fairs
Ford Meets Campers at Caravanist & Outdoorist Fairs

📩 08/01/2022 16:42

Offering innovative technologies and superior comfort together for those who “desire to experience the future today”, Ford invites those who turn their way to nature and those who adopt an active lifestyle to the Outdoorist Caravan Fair to be held at TÜYAP between 8-16 January.

Especially those who want to get away from the crowd, return to nature, escape from the city and experience alternative routes, are turning to holiday options in the lap of nature. Ford brand brings together those who adopt an active lifestyle among its current target group, who want to spend time freely in nature and camp, with comfortable, high-performance, stylishly designed vehicle models at TÜYAP Caravanist & Outdoorist Fairs between 8-16 January. Ford Transit 350E Van RWD A/T, which can easily be transformed into a caravan with creative touches thanks to its large volume, will bring together camping, caravan and nature lovers; The new Ford Ranger Stormtrak with a fully functional self-contained caravan unit, the new Tourneo Connect Active and the new Tourneo Courier Titanium Plus models to be exhibited for the first time, with camping equipment, a camping drawer with a portable kitchen and the Ford Ranger Raptor that allows loading tents, Caravanist & Outdoorist Caravan Fairs' It is offered to nature lovers. Along with these vehicles, the Transit caravan donor 350E Van RWD A/T and Transit Skeletal Pickup Truck, which will facilitate both vehicle owners and bodybuilders in caravan transformation, will also meet with the visitors at the Ford stand at the fair. Participants have the opportunity to meet Ford's vehicles for eight days at the stand, which was designed with Ford's sustainability approach, out of technical materials, the remaining 75% of which is recyclable.

Ford Transit Van 350E: Easily transforms into a trailer with creative touches

The 350E Van model of Ford Transit, the most preferred commercial vehicle in the world, can be easily converted into a caravan thanks to its 2.0L Panther Ecoblue engine, large interior volume, high ceiling and improvements in carrying capacity, while combining its iconic design with a number of advanced technologies. Cross-traffic alert system supported blind spot warning system that warns users of the presence of other road users when changing lanes or when reversing, a new high-level 180-degree rear view camera with lower illumination and a 180-degree wide-angle front camera provide a safe driving experience for those who want to spend time in nature with pleasure. it keeps it alive.

With superior pickup performance, the Ranger and Raptor withstand tough conditions on any terrain.

Raising the bar with unique and unrivaled features in their class, Ford Ranger and Ranger Raptor models offer their users real off-road pickup performance and superior fuel efficiency. Ford, which re-sets the standards in the pickup market with advanced technology driving support systems, including features such as pedestrian detection and intelligent speed limiting, 2.0L Panther Ecoblue 213PS 500Nm Bi-Turbo A/T and 2.0L Panther Ecoblue 170PS M/T & A/T Ford Ranger with engine options and 2.0L Panther Ecoblue 213PS 500Nm Bi-Turbo A/T engine Ford Ranger Raptor brings the toughest terrain conditions to its knees. Ford Ranger Raptor's rear load compartment, which facilitates the new travel experiences of its users, allows to carry a camping drawer in which a sink, stove and camping gear can be put, while tents or caravans can be added to both models, as well as equipment that will make the camping pleasure comfortable.

The Tourneo Family is the best friend of outdoor activities

Offering extra volume with its new design and functionality, Tourneo Connect Active and Tourneo Courier New Titanium Plus models from the Tourneo Family are among the vehicles to be exhibited at Ford's Caravanist & Outdoorist Fairs.

Designed to facilitate outdoor activities with its off-road spirit, the Tourneo Connect Active is offered with a higher driving position with increased ground clearance and optional mechanical "Limited Slip Differential" option to provide comfortable use in light terrain conditions. Optional roof rails provide a practical solution for carrying many items such as bicycles, canoes and camping gear.

The Tourneo Courier New Titanium Plus, which strikes a perfect balance between power, performance and fuel efficiency, stands out with its rear seats that can be folded forward and folded in 2 pieces (2+1), allowing the passengers and luggage to be carried in various combinations, while the luggage volume of up to 1656 liters and adjustable Thanks to its luggage compartment, it creates a unique space for those who want to take a breath in nature together with camping equipment.

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