First Update of the New Year in Zula Mobile

First Update of the New Year in Zula Mobile
First Update of the New Year in Zula Mobile

The highly anticipated 0.24 Update of Zula Mobile, which carries the struggle of the Zula team and Gladyo to mobile phones, has been released.

The new update, which has made many improvements, includes important changes that will carry the Zula pleasure on mobile to a much higher level.

In a statement to the Zula lovers about the 0.24 update, the Zula Mobile developer team stated that they are pleased to bring the long-awaited new version to the Zula Mobile players, and that they have completed their work on many systems and new content that require innovation and included them in this update.

Friends infrastructure has changed, "Spawn" system has been renewed

One of the main changes in Zula Mobile Update 0.24 is the renewed friend infrastructure. With this update, in which the friendship system has been transferred to a different infrastructure, friend invitations, online / offline status of friends and participating in matches with friends will work without any problems.

With the update, the "spawn" system and the network design for the next developments have also been renewed to improve the in-match flow and prepare for new in-match systems.

Added new “Best of” background

In Zula Mobile, the “Best” background has also been updated and a new background has been added. Memory optimization was also made in order to improve the game crashes experienced during the match.

With the 0.24 update, which moved to the classic game lobby screen, the fire indicator in the "Settings" menu now appears in white instead of red. While the images and texts of the products in the market were made remotely manageable, some 3rd party plugins and libraries were also updated.

With the update where the sound (microphone) permission was temporarily removed from all platforms, some errors such as disappearance of friends or enemies in the minimap, weapons and knives intertwined, being able to get inside the walls in the Pool Party map, not being able to switch weapons after pressing the equipment button in "Sabotage" mode were fixed. Many infrastructural improvements were also made.

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