European Union Education and Youth Programs Center Presidency Will Recruit 10 Contracted Personnel

european union education and youth programs center presidency
european union education and youth programs center presidency

2 male Protection and Security Officers and 2 Support Personnel (served), 8 of whom are disabled, will be recruited through the oral entrance exam to be held by the European Union Education and Youth Programs Center Presidency (Turkish National Agency), the relevant institution of the European Union Presidency affiliated to the TR Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The personnel to be recruited will be employed with an administrative service contract in accordance with the Additional Article 375 of the Decree Law No. 27 and the Human Resources and Expertise Regulation of the Turkish National Agency.

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a) Meeting the general conditions listed in Article 14 / A of the Civil Servants Law No. 7 of 1965/657/48,

b) Not to have completed the age of 35 as of the first day of January of the year in which the entrance exam is held (1 January 1987 and later)

c) As a result of ranking the applicants starting from the highest score; Being among the candidates 4 times the number of personnel to be recruited according to their titles (candidates with the same score as the candidate in the last place are also called for the oral exam),


Entrance Exam Application Dates: January 24, 2022 – February 14, 2022


Applications will be made through the Agency's website at the address Candidates can only apply for one position. The information required for the application and examples of documents to be transmitted electronically are as follows:

a) Original or certified copy of higher education or secondary education graduation certificate or exit certificate (original or certified copy of diploma equivalency certificate for those who have completed their education abroad).

b) KPSS or EKPSS result document

c) (For disabled applicants) Medical report showing the Disability Status

ç) The original or certified copy of the certificates determined for the candidates who will apply for the positions whose field of duty is determined as "technical support" in the title of Support Personnel (Servant) (for candidates who have not graduated from one of the graduation areas specified in the announcement)

d) Statement of TR Identity Number

e) Judicial Registry Statement,

f) Written CV,

g) 4.5×6 cm passport size photograph taken within the last six months

Applications that are found to be made with missing documents or contain false statements will not be considered. The exams of those who are found to do not meet the application conditions or make false statements in the requested documents will be deemed invalid. Even if these applicants have been appointed, their appointments will be cancelled.

As a result of the examination of the application form and its annexed documents, those who have the above-mentioned conditions and are entitled to take the oral exam as a result of the ranking. kazanThe names of the participants and the date, time and place of the oral exam will be announced on the website of the European Union Education and Youth Programs Center (Turkish National Agency) ​​on February 18, 2022, and no written notification will be made to the candidates.

Candidates with permanent/temporary disability or health problems, accompanying support during the exam, using special tools/equipment etc. In order to submit their requests, they are required to upload a certified copy of the health report they will receive from the university or state hospital (clearly stating the disability/health status of the candidate, the special tools/equipment to be used, etc.) on the application form. The candidates in question will be taken to the exam as deemed appropriate as a result of the evaluation.

If there are not enough applications for any of the relevant positions or if there are not enough successful candidates as a result of the exams, other positions can be recruited.

The candidate is responsible for the accuracy of the application information, the suitability of the photograph, and any inaccuracies or deficiencies that may occur after the application is approved. The candidate will be able to make changes to the information (contact information, etc.) declared in the application form during the application period.

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