Eren Winter Operations Made PKK Pay a Heavy Price

Eren Winter Operations Made PKK Pay a Heavy Price
Eren Winter Operations Made PKK Pay a Heavy Price

carried out under the coordination of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 14 separate Eren Winter Operationto date in 20 the terrorist has been neutralized, 339 The cave, bunker and warehouse were destroyed.

carried out by the Gendarmerie General Command and the General Directorate of Security. 14 Apart from that, the Eren Winter Operation continues successfully despite the harsh winter conditions.

From November 7, 2021, when the first operation began, to the present 12 bin 171 In the operations of Eren Winter, in which Gendarmerie Commando, Gendarmerie Special Operations, Police Special Operations and security guard took part, 1 was alive and 19 was dead. 20 terrorist neutralized.

Among those neutralized were some terrorists in the so-called high-ranking cadres, who were on the terrorist wanted list. In addition, with the operations, it was determined that he was in cooperation with the PKK. 10 The person was caught.

Flame Guns and Anti-Aircraft Captured

used by the PKK in operations. 339 The cave, bunker and warehouse were destroyed. Between them;

  • Antiaircraft,
  • Rocket launcher,
  • Mortar,
  • Long-barreled weapon, sniper rifle and flamethrower are also available. 86 weapon,
  • 160 grenade,
  • 51 handcrafted explosive,
  • 260 fuze,
  • 1 tons 653 kilograms of explosives,
  • 28 binoculars,
  • 22 radio,
  • 20 bin 754 ammunition and a large number of life materials were captured.

The names of the ongoing operations and the regions where they are carried out are as follows;

  • Eren Kış-1 Bestler-Dereler Operation/Şırnak,
  • Eren Kış-2 Amanoslar Martyr Gendarmerie Private Esat Mengilli Operation/Hatay,
  • Eren Kış-3 Martyr Gendarmerie Major Ercan Kurt Operation Lice-Sağgöze/Diyarbakır and Bingöl,
  • Eren Kış-4 Martyr Gendarme Commando Private İbrahim Doğu Kazan Valley-Han Plateau Operation/Hakkari,
  • Eren Kış-5 Bağgöze Martyr Gendarmerie First Lieutenant Ersan Yenici Operation/Siirt
  • Eren Kış-6 Mercan Mountains Martyr Gendarmerie Specialist Sergeant Burak Tortumlu Operation/Tunceli,
  • Eren Kış-7 Sarpkaya Martyr Gendarme Lieutenant Baki Koçak/Bitlis,
  • Eren Winter-8 Ömeryan Martyr Security Guard Abdullatif Emen Operation/Mardin,
  • Eren Kış-9 Martyr Gendarmerie Specialist Sergeant Hüseyin Keleş Operation/Ağrı and Iğdır,
  • Eren Kış-10 Çemçe-Madur Martyr Gendarmerie Captain Ferhat Çiftçi Operation/Ağrı, Erzurum and Kars,
  • Eren Kış-11 Şenyayla Martyr Gendarmerie First Lieutenant İsmail Moray Operation/Diyarbakır and Muş,
  • Eren Kış-12 Tendürek Martyr Gendarmerie Senior Major Kıvanç Cesur Operation/Van,
  • Eren Kış-13 Gabar-Karageçit-İnceler Martyr Gendarmerie Private Selçuk Şahin Operation/Şırnak,
  • Eren Kış-14 Martyr Gendarmerie Petty Officer Senior Staff Sergeant Süleyman Gür Operation/Batman.

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