Bread Wheat and Bread Barley Raised!

bread barley
bread barley

📩 03/01/2022 08:39

After the increase in energy prices, bread wheat and barley also increased. Turkish Grain Board reported that the price of bread wheat was increased by 23 percent and the price of barley by 24 percent.

Turkish Grain Board (TMO) increased the price of bread wheat by 23 percent and barley by 24 percent in order to regulate the market. According to the news of ANKA, the price of barley sold to breeders and growers at 2050 TL/ton as of January is 2550 TL/ton, and the price of bread wheat sold to flour and bulgur factories at 2625-2675 TL/ton as of January is 3225 – 3275 TL/ton. It was increased to tons.

Raw Material Prices Increased

Explaining that it has opened 2022 million 1 thousand tons of grain for sale in January 220, TMO said, “Sales have been started within the scope of 'Feed Regulation Study' as of July in order to alleviate the negative impact of increasing raw material prices on the costs of our meat, milk and feed producers. Within the scope of the 'Flour Regulation Study', sales of bread wheat for the flour sector started.

In January 2022, sales of cereals and pulses will continue, and in this context; by our organization, our barley sales are 2 thousand 550 TL/tonne to our breeders and breeders in return for a cash price, our bread wheat sales are 3 thousand 275-3 thousand 225 TL/tonne to flour factories and bulgur factories in return for a cash price, our durum wheat sales are 3 thousand 950-3 Our sales will be made to bulgur factories at a price of one thousand 900 TL/ton against a cash price, and our corn sales will be made for poultry breeders (white meat, eggs, etc.) and cattle breeders (female cattle older than 2 months) with a cash price of 950 thousand 24 TL/ton. Explaining that the domestic and foreign markets are carefully and up-to-date, TMO announced that the stocks have been reinforced and the necessary planning has been made so that the product supply will continue uninterruptedly.

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