Citroen Marks 2022 CES With Innovative Transportation Solutions

Citroen Marks 2022 CES With Innovative Transportation Solutions
Citroen Marks 2022 CES With Innovative Transportation Solutions

Continuing to draw attention with the innovations of the mobility world, Citroën exhibits its mobility technologies at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Fair (CES). The French manufacturer showcased its current and future transportation vision, Citroën Skate and Citroën Ami, at the world's leading electronics, technology and innovation fair held in Las Vegas from 5 to 8 January 2022. Standing out as an autonomous technology platform, Skate offers its users a unique in-car experience while transporting them from one point to another in the city. In addition, the electric mobility solution Citroën Ami, which was launched in Turkey last month and will be on sale from March, is among the stars of CES. While meeting the micro-mobility needs of both individual users and professionals, Ami also draws attention with its accessible, electric and ultra-compact structure.

Pioneering the transportation technologies of the future with its motto of mobility for everyone, Citroën marks one of the world's most important technology fairs, CES, with its electric mobility solutions. The Autonomous Transportation Vision Concept and Citroën Ami showcase Citroën's innovative solutions for current and future transportation needs at the 2022 CES in Las Vegas.

Environmental solutions from Citroën for changing mobility

Big cities have begun to restrict the entry of high-emission vehicles into the city to reduce their carbon footprints. This requires sustainable transportation solutions tailored to the needs of users seeking cleaner, safer and more affordable vehicles. For Citroën, the transport of the future is clean, shared and connected. The Citroën Autonomous Transport Vision concept embodies this philosophy by providing users with personalized transport with relevant experience and services. Thanks to Citroën, users don't have to focus on driving. Instead, they make the most of their free time and enjoy their travel experience.

Shared and autonomous urban transport

With the Citroën Autonomous Transportation Vision Concept Skate, the French manufacturer responds to the urban transportation needs of the future today and offers a solution that is environmentally friendly and optimizes the traffic flow in cities by using its technological know-how. The aim of this autonomous concept stands out as creatively solving urban traffic and providing users with an original and relaxing experience that meets all their needs. In order to optimize urban traffic flows, the “Citroën Skate” fleet, consisting of autonomous and interconnected robots, is aimed to travel on special lanes integrated into the urban landscape. While Skate offers solutions that enable pods created by various service companies to take place on the platform, users will be able to access the service of their choice 7/24. For example, they will be able to take advantage of a comfortable environment to read a book, watch a video, listen to music or play sports while traveling from point A to point B. This shared and autonomous solution will provide many advantages. It will reduce its carbon footprint as an electric vehicle, while reducing traffic in major cities.

Compact step of electrification move

In addition, the urban electric mobility solution Ami draws attention with its structure parallel to the clean transportation strategy of the brand. As part of Citroën's move towards electrification, the Ami demonstrates an innovative approach to the microtransport market with features such as ultra-compact dimensions, accessibility (in terms of age and price) and safety. Citroën Ami, which is an alternative to two-wheeled vehicles and public transportation vehicles, allows people with B16 license starting from the age of 1 to get behind the wheel in Turkey.

Big success in Europe from new 'phenomenon' Ami

Ami perfectly embodies Citroën's innovative approach and commitment to ensure transportation with zero carbon emissions. Standing out with its ability to be charged in just three hours via a 220 Volt socket, Citroën Ami has created a new segment in the world of micro-transportation with its accessibility, price advantage, compact dimensions that make it easy to drive, easy to park, and its structure where two people can comfortably sit next to each other.

Citroën Ami has become a real phenomenon, with all these comprehensive features packed into its compact dimensions. Another important factor that stands out is that 14.000% of the customers of the model, which has been sold over 80 since the day it was launched, are new people in the world of Citroën. This success also relies on an extensive ecosystem developed specifically for Ami, and consists of an all-digital customer journey from online discovery and purchase to home delivery.

“We are preparing the transportation solutions of the future today”

Citroën CEO Vincent Cobée said: “Transport is an integral part of our social and professional lives. It is very important to prepare the transportation solutions of the future today. Therefore, it is at the center of our work in electric transportation and autonomous transportation. The new Citroën Autonomous Transport Vision concept redefines the framework of urban travel, making it shared, electrified, autonomous and connected. Since its mid-2020 launch, Ami has sold more than 14.000 units in Europe and has become an electric mobility phenomenon, creating a new segment between two-wheelers and cars. It appeals to a new generation of customers, especially teenagers and young adults, who seek transportation and individual freedom.”

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