CEVA Logistics, New Partner of Scuderia Ferrari!

CEVA Logistics, New Partner of Scuderia Ferrari!
CEVA Logistics, New Partner of Scuderia Ferrari!

CEVA Logistics, operating within the CMA CGM Group, has signed a new, global and multi-year partnership with Ferrari. CEVA Logistics will support Ferrari's racing activities as Official Logistics Partner. In addition, CEVA has also become a Team Partner of the Scuderia Ferrari team, the most successful team of all time in Formula 1 racing.

CEVA Logistics, which will provide all logistics support services for Scuderia Ferrari race cars and equipment at Grand Prix events, will also provide these services at GT racing series and other Ferrari Challenge events.

Team Partnership agreement brings together the leaders of the racing and logistics world

1950 World Constructors' Championships with 1 races, participating in all Formula 239 World Championships since 16 kazanThe Scuderia Ferrari team has the most Grand Prix victories. kazancurrently holds the record. CEVA Logistics continues to expand the boundaries of its global leadership within the framework of its plan to become one of the Top 5 logistics players in the world.

Formula 1 events regularly reach hundreds of millions of television audiences each year. However, according to data from Nielsen Sports, interest in global racing series in Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States, the 10 key markets of motorsport series, last year increased by 20 percent. (73 million) and therefore, the global racing series is expected to reach one billion curious spectators by 2022.

The logo of CEVA Logistics, Team Partner of Scuderia Ferrari, will appear on both the new 2022 Scuderia Ferrari single-seat race car as well as team trucks, driver and pit crew equipment and apparel. Scuderia Ferrari's new 2022 F1 race car is expected to debut on 17 February. Alongside the brand visibility from the Formula 1 series, the CEVA Logistics brand will also appear in other series, including GT racing.

CEVA mobilizes global logistics capacity for Scuderia Ferrari

Ferrari has chosen to work with CEVA Logistics and the company's global network in the operation to transport its cars and equipment to race tracks around the world by road and sea. The Official Logistics Partner agreement covers the F1 and GT racing series. In addition, CEVA will not only support shipments of cars and equipment to Scuderia Ferrari venues, but will also manage shipments of spare parts in Europe and the global distribution of retail supplies. The 18 Formula 20 World Championship, which will start in Bahrain on March 2022 and end in Abu Dhabi on November 1, consists of 23 global events.

Two companies in the decarbonization race

CEVA Logistics and its parent company, CMA CGM Group, are committed to protecting the environment. CMA CGM Group is committed to achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2050. In line with the goal of decarbonization, CEVA offers its customer biofuel, LNG and biomethane in sea transportation; sustainable aircraft fuels in air transport; offers alternatives to biofuels and even electric vehicles in road transport. These initiatives are parallel activities with the sustainability goal of Formula 1. Formula 2014 cars have been powered by hybrid engines since 1. Starting this year, Scuderia Ferrari's F1 engines will run on 10 percent ethanol fuel. Race cars are expected to start using biofuels by 2026 and meet Formula 2030's Net Zero Carbon target by 1.

In his statement on the subject, CEVA Logistics CEO Mathieu Friedberg: “Both the logistics industry and Formula 1 races are going through a rapid change process with the introduction of new technologies into our lives. We look forward to working shoulder to shoulder with Scuderia Ferrari in order to showcase these developments in logistics and racing in the new race period of 2022. The Scuderia Ferrari team wants to be at the top of the award platform by completing each race stage with agility and efficiency. The racing stage of CEVA Logistics is the whole world and we, with the same agility and efficiency, are trying to find our way every day in this racing stage for our customers.”

Scuderia Ferrari General Manager and Team President Mattia Binotto gave the following words in his speech: “We are delighted that a company like CEVA Logistics, where we meet on a common ground in core values ​​such as excellence, determination, innovation and passion, has joined the Scuderia family as the new Team Partner. In the world of motor racing, efficiency and organization are the keys to this process if you want to achieve your goals in every area, and logistics plays a crucial role in our day-to-day activities, both on the racetrack and in Maranello. When we cooperate with CEVA Logistics, we are not only working with a company that provides a superior level of service in its field, but we can also count on a company that will consciously and consistently support us on the way to one of the key goals of Ferrari and Formula 1, to be carbon neutral by 2030.” .

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