Cat House from Bien to Little Paws

Cat House from Bien to Little Paws
Cat House from Bien to Little Paws

Being one of the important players of the building sector in Turkey and in the world, Bien distributes 1000 cat houses all over the country for the shelter needs of cats living on the street in cold winter conditions. Taking action to deliver Cat Houses to areas of need, Bien also sends cat houses to its followers who make demands on social media.

Standing out with its environmentalist approach, nature and animal-friendly attitude, Bien has implemented the Cat House project so that stray cats can spend the winter season in a more sheltered way with the arrival of cold weather.

Sending a Cat House to its dealers across Turkey to position them in front of their stores, Bien also sends messages to its followers who request a Cat House via the @bienturkiye instagram account in order to reach more areas of need.

The Cat House project, implemented by Bien in order to meet the heating and shelter needs of stray cats in harsh winter conditions, attracts great attention.

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