Çambaşı Winter Festival Staged Colorful Images

Çambaşı Winter Festival Staged Colorful Images
Çambaşı Winter Festival Staged Colorful ImagesÇambaşı Winter Festival Staged Colorful Images

Organized jointly by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and Kabadüz Municipality, the “16. Çambaşı Winter Festival was the scene of colorful scenes with many events organized.

Hundreds of citizens from within and outside the province attended the 2th winter festival held in Çambaşı Plateau at an altitude of 16. Citizens who met at Çambaşı Ski Center, where the festival was held, regardless of heavy snowfall and blizzard, played games with the music played and kicked the horn.

Joining the enthusiasm of the citizens participating in the festival, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Hilmi Güler thanked the citizens who filled the event area despite the heavy snowfall and blizzard.

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Stating that they aim to bring winter tourism to the fore in Ordu, President Güler said, “When we started our duty, we said 'Army for 3 months, not 12 months'. We wanted to share the beauty of Ordu in the winter season. Since one day was not enough for our festival in Çambaşı Plateau, we carried out activities that took two days. We are having a very nice festival here today. These works will not be only in Çambaşı Plateau. We will hold events in Keyfalan, Argan and many of our highlands. Today, we saw a high level of participation in our festivities from outside the province. From now on, we will organize very wide-ranging festivals," he said.


Emphasizing that such organizations will increasingly continue to promote Ordu, President Güler said, “We want our army to be known not only for its hazelnuts and sea, but also for its highlands, snow festivals and ski resorts. For this reason, we attach importance to such festivals. I would like to thank all our citizens who participated in our festival in these difficult weather conditions today.”


Citizens participating in the Çambaşı Winter Festival said, “Despite the snowfall and the snow, the organization warmed our hearts. We had the opportunity to spend a great time here today. Our Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. We would like to thank Mehmet Hilmi Güler and everyone who contributed.”

The festival, which continued with sled races and snowboard races, ended with a concert by one of the popular Turkish music groups, İMERA.

The 16th Çambaşı Winter Festival was attended by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. In addition to Mehmet Hilmi Güler, AK Party Ordu Deputy Şenel Yediyıldız, Ordu University (ODU) Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan, district mayors and citizens from within and outside the province attended.

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