Important Collaboration between ÇAKÜ and VADEMSAŞ, the Pioneer Company in the Field of Railway Systems

Important Collaboration between ÇAKÜ and VADEMSAŞ, the Pioneer Company in the Field of Railway Systems
Important Collaboration between ÇAKÜ and VADEMSAŞ, the Pioneer Company in the Field of Railway Systems

“University – Industry Cooperation Protocol” was signed between Çankırı Karatekin University and Voestalpine Kardemir Railway Systems Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company (VADEMSAŞ).

Rector Prof. on behalf of Çankırı Karatekin University. Dr. Harun Çiftçi signed CEO Dursun Güven on behalf of VADEMSAŞ.

With the protocol, ÇAKÜ and VADEMSAŞ ensure that ÇAKÜ students are evaluated primarily in VADEMSAŞ internship applications, support the studies of graduate students, technical trips, etc. It is aimed to develop the cooperation between ÇAKÜ and VADEMSAŞ on these issues.

Çankırı Karatekin University Rector Prof. Dr. Harun Çiftçi emphasized that as Çankırı Karatekin University, they want to take part and take part in whatever benefits people, students, Çankırı and the country.

Rector Çiftçi underlined that they have signed many cooperation protocols with educational institutions in the field of education before and that they have come to a certain point in this regard, and that they are in constant cooperation with the part of the industry that is related to the university, that is, the external stakeholder, and that the students they have trained in the best way, both theoretically and practically, can apply. He said that this protocol is very important for them to reach a certain point in the field.

Rector Çiftçi continued his speech: “We are extremely happy that a company like VADEMSAŞ, which is one of the important investments of our city, has entered into cooperation with our University. Because this company has both a national and an international dimension. It has the dimension of transforming information into technology. Indeed, one of the main functions of universities is the production, dissemination and transformation of knowledge into technology. This is the common point of industry and university. Raising well-equipped generations who will build the future is another aim of higher education. Apart from theoretical and academic knowledge, we also care about increasing the skills and competencies of our students in the field of practice, thanks to the industrialists. At this point, we are extremely pleased with the cooperation we have developed and the support you have provided. I believe that we will develop these collaborations in the future and produce good outputs, thank you.” he said.

Dursun Güven, CEO of VADEMSAŞ: “As VADEMSAŞ, we attach great importance to technology transfer and production and dissemination of technology for our university, city and country. I believe that we will take great steps in this regard with the support we will receive and receive from you, and I wish the protocol to be beneficial to both sides, especially to our students.” said.

After the speeches, a bilateral cooperation protocol was signed between Rector Çiftçi and VADEMSAŞ CEO Dursun Güven, and mutual goodwill wishes were shared.

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