A New Project for Bursa Transportation… Suburban Train Line is Coming!

A New Project for Bursa Transportation… Suburban Train Line is Coming!

A New Project for Bursa Transportation… Suburban Train Line is Coming!

After the high-speed train project, which was announced that the works had started in the past days, a suggestion about transportation came from the AK Party Bursa Deputy Mustafa Esgin. Esgin said that a suburban train line can be established on the high-speed train line, and that the Ministry of Transport has also started work.

The subject, the writer of Olay Newspaper Ahmet Emin Yılmaz moved it to the corner.

Yılmaz used the following statements in his article:

Sunday morning… AK Party Bursa Member of Parliament Mustafa Esgin 'le sohbet while speaking To the high-speed train that Bursa is longingly waiting for. came.

not holding on finish targets In the project, which was discussed due to “The first excavation was made by Osmaneli in the tunnel constructions on the Yenişehir-Osmaneli line” We conveyed the information during the week. Dr. Esgin is experiencing the excitement of a new development.

First of all ...

“150 thousand people will work in TEKNOSAB and its surroundings in the west of the city” said, and the subject we draw attention to in these columns your look laid out:

“Transporting employees from the center by shuttles causes serious traffic problems. The extension of the urban rail system is discussed, but the cost is high.”

He pointed out:

“We also have an airport at the stern of the city. Although it does not have the desired level of flight today, Yenişehir Airport will become very important in the coming years.”

Another development reminded me:

“The obstacles in front of the high-speed train have been removed and work has begun in line with the targets. There will be a pickaxe on the Bandırma line very soon.”

Different one thought var:

“There will be a certain frequency of flights on the high-speed train line, where passenger and freight trains will operate, and the rails will be empty for most of the day. It is necessary to use this line when the high-speed train does not pass.”

He also said how it could be:

“The Gebze district of Kocaeli and the European side of Istanbul. Halkalı stations merged with the Marmaray tunnel, which passes under the Bosphorus, and both suburban and freight trains operate on this line.”

The idea is:

“As in Marmaray, we can solve the problem of transportation to TEKNOSAB by suburban train on the high-speed train line and reach the airport as well.”

He added:

“I conveyed my opinion to the relevant units of the Ministry of Transport, which carries out the high-speed train project. They started to work with TEKNOSAB Station.”

Bursa'of new transportation this is the agenda target it will be.

Gemlik train can get off the shelf at any time

On the agenda… TOGG'a production will be made TEKNOSAB there is. In addition to employee services, transportation of products projects are concerned.


on the highway TEKNOSAB Junction has been started, by-pass way project was done.

Ministry of Transportafter the talks in AK Party Bursa deputy Dr. Contact Mustafa directly said:

“The train to Gemlik can get off the shelf at any time. There can be passenger transportation from the center and train transportation from TEKNOSAB to Gemlik.”

Fast suburb: Karacabey in 15 minutes from Geçit, Yenişehir in 20 minutes

Sohbetwe have… “Bursa has waited patiently, but we are getting ready to kill three birds with one stone” she's AK Party Bursa deputy Dr. Contact Mustafa directly reminded of this:

“We will connect to the national railway network by high-speed train and provide fast, safe and comfortable transportation. We will carry loads on the same rails and relieve logistics. We will be able to use the same rails as an urban rail system with suburban trains.”


“It should not be viewed only as the airport and TEKNOSAB. Yenişehir and Karacabey, which are the railway route, will be integrated with the city center” he made the following calculation:

“Of course, it will not be as fast as the high-speed train, but the suburban train will only stop at Kazıklı Station and reach Yenişehir and the airport in 20 minutes from Geçit. It will go to Karacabey in 15 minutes from the Gate again.”

According to us…

Extremely sensible We wish the project to be realized.

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