The Adventure of Construction of Osmangazi Bridge at BTU

The Adventure of Construction of Osmangazi Bridge at BTU
The Adventure of Construction of Osmangazi Bridge at BTU

Gebze – İzmir Motorway Operation and Maintenance Inc. Bridge Maintenance Manager Fatih Zeybek said in the seminar on "Osmangazi Bridge Construction Process", "Each completed building increases our knowledge."

In the program held at the BTU Yıldırım Bayezid campus, Fatih Zeybek, Maintenance Manager of Gebze – İzmir Otoyolu Operation Maintenance Inc., which undertook the construction and operation of the Osmangazi Bridge on the Gulf of Izmit, explained the construction process of the Osmangazi Bridge. Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Civil Engineering Department lecturer Dr. Grade 1 students also took part as listeners in the event organized by Sedef Kocakaplan. One of the activities aimed at meeting BTU students with industry representatives, the seminar named "Osmangazi Bridge Construction Process", together with the faculty members, BTU Vice Rector and Earthquake Engineering Application and Research Center (BTU-DEPAR) Director Prof. Dr. Beyhan Bayhan also attended.

In his seminar, where he shared the design and construction story of the Fatih Zeybek Bridge, he explained that the design is of great importance and that the Osmangazi Bridge was designed according to European norms. He noted that in addition to these norms, the relevant additions of Turkey's highway standards were reflected in the design, so that the design of the bridge went beyond European norms. He emphasized that the bridge was designed in accordance with earthquake criteria due to its proximity to active fault lines.

Underlining that the bridge construction should be evaluated in 3 stages as design, construction and maintenance, Zeybek said that the design stage is the key to success in the work done. He stated that the construction work of Osmangazi Bridge was carried out with foreign partners from design to construction. Stating that this situation brings benefits in terms of knowledge and technology transfer, Zeybek said, “After joint work with foreign companies, each completed building increases our knowledge. In this way, we become a more experienced team.”

Saying that technology is important in the field of construction, Zeybek noted that the development of technology has increased the quality of materials. Expressing that the construction of the bridge was carried out with a technology that did not exist until that time, he said that this situation not only contributed to many features of the bridge, but also extended the length or the distance between the feet. Zeybek also underlined that the Osmangazi Bridge's lifetime is planned to be 100 years, and that this period can be extended with regular and correct maintenance works.

Expressing that the maintenance phase is as important as the construction phase of the bridge, Zeybek noted that it is necessary to take precautions regarding maintenance during the design phase of the bridge. Noting that especially security and fire protection systems are the most important systems to be installed, Zeybek stated that the health status of the building is realized with the sensors in the structural health system.

After Zeybek answered the questions of the participating students, BTU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Beyhan Bayhan made a speech. The organizer of the event, Mr. See. Dr. Thanks to Sedef Kocakaplan, Prof. Dr. Beyhan Bayhan said, “We are grateful to everyone who contributed to the construction of the Osmangazi Bridge, which brings speed, comfort and safety to the transportation of the Marmara Region, where Turkey's important industrial facilities are located, where the population is dense and where most of the economic activities take place. We are happy that you shared such a success story with us.”

At the end of the event, BTU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Beyhan Bayhan presented a certificate of appreciation to Fatih Zeybek, Bridge Maintenance Manager of Gebze – İzmir Motorway Operation and Maintenance Inc.

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