Bridge Collapses in Pittsburgh, Where Biden Will Visit: 10 Injured

Bridge Collapses in Pittsburgh, where Biden will visit 10 Injured
Bridge Collapses in Pittsburgh, where Biden will visit 10 Injured

In Pittsburgh, the second-largest city in the eastern US state of Pennsylvania after Philadelphia, a snow-covered bridge collapsed hours before President Joe Biden's scheduled visit to talk about an infrastructure deal.

Authorities said 10 people were injured in the collapse, 3 people were transported to hospital, none of whom had injuries considered life-threatening.

"The good thing at this point is that there were no casualties," Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey told reporters at the scene. We were lucky,” he said.

Stating that the bridge is the "main artery" for certain vehicles, Allegheny District Manager Rich Fitzgerald stated that the collapse of the bridge caused a significant natural gas leak, and the teams managed to close the gas leak.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki wrote on Twitter that Biden was aware of the bridge collapse and would continue his trip to Pittsburgh as planned.

US President Joe Biden, who conducted damage control in the region and met with local officials, stated that they allocated 2022 million dollars for the repair of bridges in the 327 fiscal year.

Biden said that there will be a serious change in the country with the repair of the bridges, “There are 3 more bridges in Pennsylvania. Most of them are as old and neglected as this collapsed bridge. "There are 300 thousand bridges across the country that need repair and we provide the necessary money for this," he said.

The cause of the crash is currently being investigated. City officials said the bridge was last inspected in September 2021.

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