Minister Akar Attended the Commissioning Ceremony of TCG UFUK Ship

Minister Akar Attended the Commissioning Ceremony of TCG UFUK Ship
Minister Akar Attended the Commissioning Ceremony of TCG UFUK Ship

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar attended the Commissioning Ceremony of the Test and Training Ship TCG Horizon with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Minister Akar was accompanied by Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler, Land Forces Commander General Musa Avsever, Naval Forces Commander Admiral Adnan Özbal, Air Forces Commander General Hasan Küçükakyüz and Deputy Minister Muhsin Dere.

Minister Akar, in his speech at the ceremony, stated that they are proud and excited about the completion of another important project on the road that started with the understanding of locality and nationality. Wishing the best of luck to the TCG UFUK Test and Training Ship, equipped with high-tech systems, Minister Akar stated that Turkey, which is located in the most dynamic region of the world in terms of geopolitics, continues its struggle against the increasing risks, threats and dangers in the recent period with determination and determination.

Pointing out that the epidemic conditions deepened the crises, Minister Akar said:

“Turkey is realizing its strategic plans in almost every field under the leadership of us, the Zatiali, and is carrying out a comprehensive and qualified transformation, especially in the field of defense and technology. The results of these studies, carried out with determination, faith and high motivation in line with our national values ​​and interests, are the results of the operations carried out successfully in the country and beyond the borders, in the resolute protection of our rights, interests and interests in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Cyprus, especially in Azerbaijan and Libya. It has been clearly seen that he successfully fulfills the duties he has undertaken in many geographies, especially in Turkey. Unable to receive support from even our closest allies in the fight against terrorism, Turkey has now come to the position of exporting its weapon systems to many countries, mainly UAV/SİHA/TİHAs, which it has produced in NATO standards and has proven its effectiveness in the field with operations.”


Emphasizing that the Turkish defense industry is now both meeting its own needs and being among the important players of the international market where there is high competition, Minister Akar said:

“Although the achievements of our country in the defense industry are very valuable and of vital importance, we are also aware that there are distances we need to cover on this path. Our goal is to increase our domestic and nationality rate, which is close to 80% in the defense industry, to even higher levels, with the leadership, support and encouragement of the Self-Governments, to have a say in the world at all stages from design to production in the defense industry, and to be one of the powerful countries that produce and export high technology. Having achieved these goals, Turkey will take firmer steps towards the future as a leading country. On this path, the love, trust and prayer of our noble nation will continue to be our greatest source of inspiration.”

Stating that the conditions of its geography and the problems it faces oblige Turkey to be strong on land, in the sea, in the air, even in space and cyberspace, Minister Akar said, “With the awareness of this, our work continues in all these areas. In this context, the MİLGEM Island Class Corvette Project is a turning point in our Turkish maritime history and national defense industry. With the project, many critical systems have been nationalized and our country has become one of the few countries with the ability to design and build combat ships.” said.

Stating that the Amphibious Assault Ship and New Type Submarine projects continue in line with the experiences gained at MİLGEM, Minister Akar said:

“In the same way, our effectiveness in our seas will increase with our TCG UFUK Test and Training Ship, which was built on the basis of the MİLGEM design and will be put into service today. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude once again to the States of God for the importance and support you have given to the development of the defense industry, and to all institutions, organizations and their employees who contribute to the development of our domestic and national defense industry, and to everyone who contributed to all stages from the design to the production of our TCG UFUK ship with their high permissions.

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