Audi Charging Center Concept

Audi Charging Center Concept
Audi Charging Center Concept

With the increasing number of electric vehicles on the roads, different solutions are being developed in charging infrastructures. Audi has signed a first in the world by realizing a new project in this regard. It put into service a charging concept, the only one of its kind in the world, at the exhibition center in Nuremberg.

This modern and fast charging station with detachable high-power charging areas aims to serve electric vehicle owners who cannot charge at home. Audi aims to expand this charging center concept in urban areas in the future. Audi has been involved in solutions in charging infrastructures with a different concept. Audi considers the concept project, which is a first in the world, as a test process for an infrastructure that will enable fast charging in urban areas in the future.

self sufficient

Cube-shaped flexible containers are the basis of the Audi charging centre. There are two fast charging areas in each unit at the station, which consists of cubes that can be assembled and disassembled in designated areas in a short period of a few days. Audi, which has also implemented a project that uses used and processed lithium-ion batteries, which are extracted from electric cars, in energy storage systems in their second life, has transferred this work to the station. also implements. Thanks to its energy storage solution, Audi supports the fast charging infrastructure in cases where the electricity grid is not sufficient, without the need for time-consuming procedures, high voltage power lines and expensive transformers. The Audi charging center opened in Nuremberg, with an average of 2,45 MWh of intermediate storage Thanks to its capacity, it only needs a green power connection of 200 kW from low-voltage mains electricity. 200 kW is enough to constantly fill the storage modules. In addition, solar panels on the roof of the station provide up to an additional 30 kW of green energy. Customers can charge their electric vehicles with up to 320 kW of power at six charging points at the station. An average of 80 vehicles can be charged per day at the station. Audi e-tron GT is given as an example of the operating principle of the station: This four-door Coupé, with a charging capacity of up to 270 kW, can charge enough energy for a range of 100 kilometers in about five minutes. A charge from 5 percent to 80 percent takes about 23 minutes.

Fast and extremely simple

Customers who want to receive service at the Audi charging station can take advantage of the reservation function available in the myAudi application and reserve one of the six charging areas. The system is also extremely easy and fast; In the station where the Plug and Charge (PnC) function is valid, it is also possible to charge the Plug and Charge function models without RFID (radio frequency identification) card in two of the six areas. Authentication takes place automatically via encrypted communication as soon as the charging cable is connected to the vehicle. Audi is focusing on technical issues such as new reservation functions, customers' expectations for a first-class charging experience and modern battery storage systems requirements, with the tests it started at the station it has implemented in Nuremberg. The pilot application also aims to determine at which times of the day the facility is used intensively. In the station, which consists of a hall of approximately 200 square meters and a terrace area of ​​​​40 square meters, everything has been thought of so that customers can spend time, do their work or rest while they are waiting.

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