Fuel will be purchased with ATOS

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Fuel will be purchased with ATOS
TCDD Plant Sivas 4. Regional Directorate
Article 1 - Business Owner Information
1.1. The owner of the business administration;
a) Name: TCDD Plant Sivas 4th Regional Directorate
b) Address: İstasyon Caddesi TCDD 4th Regional Directorate 58030 / SİVAS
c) Phone number: 0 346 346 0397
d) Fax number: 0 346 223 76 77
e) E-mail address: 4bolgesatinalma@tcdd.gov.tr.
f) Name-surname/title of the relevant personnel: Fikret ATAMTÜRK/ Assistant Procurement and Stock Control Manager. v.

1.2. Tenderers may obtain information about the tender by contacting the personnel from the above addresses and numbers.
Article 2- Information on the Subject of the Contract
Goods subject to the tender;
a) Name: Purchase of 200.000 Liters of Diesel (Other) and 5.000 Liters of Unleaded Gasoline with the Fuel Tracking Automation System (ATOS)
b) JCC Registration No: 2022 / 6142
c) Amount and type: Covers the purchase of 200.000 Liters of Diesel (Other) and 5.000 Liters of Unleaded Gasoline with the Fuel Tracking Automation System (ATOS) between 01.02.2022 and 31.12.2022, step by step according to the needs of the Administration.
d) Place to be delivered: Delivery will be made by the Contractor to the workplaces where Road Machinery, Mobile Railway vehicles and fuel tanks are located in the workplaces affiliated to the TCDD 4th Region Railway Maintenance Service Directorate. On the other hand, fuel oil will be received at the stations, except in cases where the Administration requests it.
e) Other information: specified in the Technical Specifications.
Article 3- Tender Information
Information on the tender:
a) Tender procedure: Open Tender Procedure (4734 numbered KIK.
According to Article 15 of the Service Procurement Tender Regulation)
b) Address of the tender: TCDD 4th Regional Directorate Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Bulvarı İstasyon Caddesi No: 1 - SİVAS
c) Tender date: 27 / 01 / 2022
d) Tender time: 10: 00
e) Tender commission meeting place: TCDD Sivas 4.
(1.Kat, room 113)

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