ASPİLSAN Energy Lithium-Ion Battery Production Plant Machinery Systems Arrived in Turkey

ASPİLSAN Energy Lithium-Ion Battery Production Plant Machinery Systems Arrived in Turkey
ASPİLSAN Energy Lithium-Ion Battery Production Plant Machinery Systems Arrived in Turkey

The machinery, equipment and auxiliary systems of Turkey's and Europe's first lithium-ion cylindrical battery production facility to be established in Kayseri by ASPİLSAN Energy have arrived in Turkey.

Making a statement regarding the arrival of machinery, equipment and auxiliary systems in our country, Ferhat Özsoy, General Manager of ASPİLSAN Energy, said: “Production of the machine systems of our ASPİLSAN Energy Li-ion Battery Production Facility, which was approved to be given "Project-Based State Aid" with the approval of our President on 06 August 2021, South Korea. completed in . Factory Acceptance Tests of the machines were carried out meticulously in September with the participation of ASPİLSAN Energy engineers. Our machine systems, which set off from South Korea on 02 December, arrived in our country as of 03 January. A total of 79 containers reached Kayseri.

Days Left for the New Age in Energy

As ASPİLSAN Energy, an organization of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, we have carried out our activities to ensure that our country can achieve its technology and renewable energy targets since our establishment. With this new investment, ASPİLSAN Energy will become the only battery cell manufacturing company in the region. In this regard, our dependence on foreign sources will come to an end and we will be able to produce domestically with completely national technology. With our investment, our country will have taken its first steps in this technology and will have started a new era. The fact that batteries and batteries, which are a part of every technological product produced, are produced in our country and the technology is developing, will eliminate our foreign dependency on this critical component and will be an important step in reducing the current account deficit. Over time, we plan to become much more competitive by developing cost-reducing measures and to reduce foreign dependency with an annual production capacity of 220 MWh.

Turkey Meets Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

As ASPİLSAN Energy, with this investment, we brought technology for NMC chemistry and cylindrical type battery design, development and production methodology to our country. kazanwe will have risen. With our Lithium Ion Battery Production Facility, which has a closed area of ​​25.000 m2, which will start mass production as of the end of April, our country will meet with lithium-ion technology and carry out its production.

In our lithium-ion battery production facility, we will have produced the cells used in the production of battery systems, which are needed by both the defense industry and other sectors. With the cells we will produce, it is possible to produce batteries used in other sectors such as radio, weapon system, night vision, jammer battery systems, as well as e-bike, e-scooter, telecom batteries, robotic system batteries, medical batteries, household vehicles batteries and energy storage systems. will be.

As ASPİLSAN Energy, which will be the first lithium-ion cylindrical battery mass production facility in Turkey and Europe, I would like to state that our work will continue without slowing down with the pride of adding power to our country's power.”

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