Aprilia's 'Urban Adventurer' Scooter Takes to Turkey Roads

Aprilia's 'Urban Adventurer' Scooter Takes to Turkey Roads
Aprilia's 'Urban Adventurer' Scooter Takes to Turkey Roads

The Aprilia SR GT 2021 model, which was first introduced by Aprilia, one of the leading motorcycle icons, at the 200 EICMA Motorcycle Fair, is getting ready to hit the roads of our country. Standing out as the brand's first "urban adventure" scooter model, the Aprilia SR GT 200 becomes evident at a glance with its sporty spirit, original lines and Italian style. Aprilia SR GT 200, the brand new model of Italian motorcycle giant Aprilia, aimed at satisfying all the needs of daily users and adventurous spirits, will hit the roads of Turkey in February with the assurance of Doğan Trend Otomotiv.

The brand new member of the family, Aprilia SR GT 200, makes a difference in its class with its features suitable for the field conditions as well as urban mobility needs. The attractive model, which attracted attention after its introduction at the 2021 EICMA Motorcycle Fair, will enter the Turkish market with Doğan Trend Automotive as of February. Combining Aprilia's flawless Italian design with high-tech equipment such as sportiness, high performance, efficient Start & Stop system, LED headlights, LCD screen and Aprila MIA connection system, this model offers class-leading driving dynamics in all conditions with its driving characteristics.

Unique design with perfect lines

By combining its experience in sports motorcycles with the world of off-road, Aprilia reflected versatility to the SR GT 200 model, giving birth to a completely different scooter model. At first glance, the design of the model, which reflects both its urban and versatile structure with its flawless lines, is completed with reduced lines emphasizing its sporty nature and passenger handles perfectly integrated into the design. LED headlights and LED taillights, which complement the slim tail design, also make the design perfect.

Advanced technology in motorcycle

While driving information can be accessed on the fully digital large LCD screen, which allows to see and control all vehicle data, the riding modes of the motorcycle can be selected with the MODE button on the left control block. With the optional APRILIA MIA connection system, the smartphone can be connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth, and can display notifications of incoming calls and messages on the instrument panel. The system is also with the connection button located on the control block on the right; It allows the use of voice commands to answer calls, make calls or play music.

Urban and ready for adventure

The Aprilia SR GT 200 is a model designed to make any journey enjoyable and exciting. This brand new model, which adds a new excitement to the scooter world, provides urban transportation with its ease of use, while offering a spirit that is always ready for adventure to its driver. Aprilia technicians drew on the brand's experience in both sports and off-road bikes to create the chassis, which is a guarantee of precise dynamic driving that delivers this thrill of riding. The chassis design, which consists of high-strength reinforced steel pipes, is completed with the brand new long-range suspension specially developed for this model, creating a completely different scooter durability.

The model, which makes a difference with Showa shock absorbers that offer 22% higher ride than its closest competitor at the front, manages to be one of the pioneers of its class with its double Showa shock absorbers at the rear. Aprilia SR GT 200 offers its driver and passenger the best performance, perfect comfort and high safety in all road conditions, thanks to its coil springs and rear shock absorbers with 5 adjustable preload settings.

A first in its class “175mm ground clearance”

The Aprilia SR GT 200 also stands out with its minimum ground clearance of 175mm, a value never seen before for conventional compact GT scooters. This height allows the driver to easily overcome road bumps and descend from any height. All these features, combined with the lightly tread 'all-condition' tires make the Aprilia SR GT 200 extremely flexible and suitable for any use. Unstoppable in urban use, where obstacles such as cobblestones, tram lines, manhole covers, potholes and stabilized asphalt are common, the SR GT 200 draws attention as a motorcycle ready for exciting journeys where the driver can leave the asphalt and go on dirt roads.

Lightness, safety and good braking

With its sophisticated chassis, the Aprilia SR GT 200 weighs just 200 kg with a full fuel tank (148 kg for the 144 version) and light alloy wheels. The model, which has 14-inch wheels at the front and 13-inch wheels at the rear, offers excellent agility and handling in traffic, as well as a stable ride at high speeds. Of course, the powerful engine must also have strong braking. The SR GT 200 model uses 260 mm leaf disc at the front and 220 mm at the rear for a successful performance in this regard.

new generation engine

Equipped with the latest generation i-get engines for first-class performance, the Aprilia SR GT 200, the members of the i-get family, which also left its mark in the compact GT scooter segment with its engine power and efficiency, draws attention with its modern Euro 5 compliant engine with electronic injection, four valves and liquid cooling. . This version, which is the product of know-how in the Piaggio Group R&D center, Europe's leading developer of scooter engines, manages to satisfy its consumers in all conditions with the power and efficiency it offers.

The Aprilia SR GT 200 version features a brand new 8500 cc single-cylinder engine block with 13 kW (18 hp) at 7000 rpm and 16,5 Nm of torque at 174 rpm.

Durability and efficiency combined

While revealing the model equipped with all these innovations, the engineers also made special touches, especially on its powerful 200 cc engine. In the new 200 cc engine, which has been meticulously studied in many components to optimize thermodynamic performance, a Nikasil-coated aluminum cylinder and a new piston with updated crown geometry contribute to optimizing combustion efficiency. However, the larger clutch CVT transmission has been revised to match the engine's new power curve.

In addition to all these, the Start & Stop system known as RISS (Regulator Inverter Start & Stop System), offered in all models in the Aprilia SR GT 200 series, also stands out as an element that will increase efficiency. The system eliminates the traditional starter with a brushless electric device mounted directly on the crankshaft. This system brings many advantages such as quieter operation, increased lightness, safety and lower fuel consumption. The system automatically shuts down the engine 1 to 5 seconds after the scooter has stopped, and since it's not a conventional starter, a light touch of the throttle is all it takes to restart it instantly.

Long distances are getting closer

Thanks to its efficient engines and large fuel tank combined with the Start & Stop system, it becomes very easy to travel long distances. Aprilia SR GT 9, which can offer a range of approximately 350 kilometers thanks to its 200-liter fuel capacity and efficiency, does not give up its under-seat storage despite its large tank. The 25-liter underseat compartment can accommodate a fully enclosed helmet, while additional accessories ensure that the Aprilia SR GT 200 is always ready for travel. With the aluminum 33-liter topcase, it becomes much easier to carry goods on long roads.

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