TURKSTAT Announces Housing Sales Statistics for December 2021

Housing Interest of Foreigners Doesn't End
Housing Interest of Foreigners Doesn't End

TURKSTAT announced December 2021 Housing Sales Statistics. In Turkey, where 1 million 491 thousand 856 residences were sold, foreigners bought a total of 7 thousand 841 residences in 2021, 58 thousand 576 of which were in December.

Istanbul in the first place

Providing information about housing statistics, Real Estate Broker Songül Özsan said, “Istanbul had the highest share in housing sales with 276 thousand 223 housing sales and 18,5 percent. Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 144 thousand 104 house sales and 9,7 percent share, and Izmir with 86 thousand 722 house sales and 5,8 percent share. The provinces with the lowest number of house sales were Hakkari with 267 houses, Ardahan with 377 houses and Bayburt with 871 houses, respectively.

Iranians received the most

Pointing out that the house sales to foreigners increased by 2021 percent compared to the previous year and reached 43,5 thousand 58 in 576, Özsan said, “The share of house sales to foreigners in the total house sales in 2021 was 3,9 percent. Istanbul took the first place in house sales to foreigners with the sales of 26 thousand 469 houses. Antalya was followed by Antalya with 12 thousand 384 houses and Ankara with 3 thousand 672 houses. Housing sales to foreigners increased by 2021 percent in December 77,1 compared to the same month of the previous year and became 7 thousand 841. In December, Istanbul took the first place in housing sales to foreigners with the sale of 3 thousand 300 houses. Antalya was followed by Antalya with 827 sales, and Ankara with 489 sales, respectively.

Stating that Iranian citizens bought 2021 thousand 10 houses in 56, Özsan said, “It was followed by the citizens of Iraq with 8 thousand 661 houses and the citizens of the Russian Federation with 5 thousand 379 houses. Citizens of Afghanistan, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Azerbaijan and the USA were among the countries that showed interest in Turkey.

'Restrictions needed'

The biggest reason for foreigners to buy a house is the loss of value in TL and the granting of citizenship to foreigners who buy real estate for 250 thousand dollars. Expressing that there should be certain restrictions in the sale of residences to foreigners, Özsan said, “Sales of residences to foreigners is very important in terms of foreign currency inflow to Turkey, but at a time when our own citizens cannot find a house for rent or sale, it is necessary to pay attention to sales to foreigners. Previously, the cost of housing was 1 million dollars, this was reduced to 250 thousand dollars. Now, because of the melting of construction stocks, why are sales to foreigners while there is a need for housing for 3-5 years? In some sites in regions such as Beylikdüzü and Esenyurt, sales are made entirely for foreigners. These should not be allowed, and a 5-10 percent restriction should be imposed on sales to foreigners, according to the total of the site.

From Syrian to Chinese…

Providing information about the countries of foreigners who prefer Turkey, Özsan said, “Countries such as Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq are in the first place, but the Chinese also buy a Turkish passport and buy a house in order to go to the USA easily. They even bought hundreds of flats in some sites for this reason. These days, when Turkish citizens cannot find housing, this situation creates a significant problem.”

'Let's sell an office, not a house'

Özsan pointed out that offices and shops should be sold instead of housing sales to foreigners and said: “While there are no houses available, it is not right to give the limited houses available to foreigners. But right now there is a huge oversupply of office and shop. Offices and shops can be sold to foreigners to dissolve this excess supply. In this way, both higher incomes are obtained and the problem of citizens finding a house is solved.”

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