Alstom Signs Bucharest Metro Maintenance Agreement Worth 500 MEUR

Romania Metro Maintenance Agreement
Romania Metro Maintenance Agreement

Alstom will provide maintenance services for the Bucharest metro fleet for the next 15 years. The contract is valid until 2036 and has an estimated value of 500 million Euros. Alstom has been providing uninterrupted full maintenance services since 2004, increasing train availability from 56% to 99,96%. Alstom has more than 35.000 maintenance contracts of 20 years or more, covering more than 50 vehicles worldwide.

Bucharest's metro network operator Alstom and Metrorex have signed a contract for 15 years of maintenance services following the conclusion of a public tender. The total value of the 500 million euro contract is based on the estimated number of kilometers traveled by trains in circulation. Services include preventive and corrective maintenance as well as revisions for a total of 82 train fleets at contract signing.

“With this new long-term contract, Alstom will provide maintenance services to the Bucharest metro for the next 15 years. This latest contract with Metrorex is a testament to our customers' confidence in our services and we are proud to have been chosen as a long-term service partner. Today, Alstom has more than 35.000 maintenance contracts of 20 years or more, covering more than 50 vehicles worldwide. Gian Luca Erbacci, Regional President of Alstom Europe, said: "We are committed to providing the highest standards of maintenance services to ensure safe, reliable and comfortable journeys for passengers."

Alstom has been providing continuous maintenance services for Metrorex wagons since 2004, overhauling both new and old fleets. The company has implemented more than 60 different types of refurbishment over the life of the trains, improving both their performance and passenger comfort. 492 trains with a total of 82 wagons traveled an average of 8,5 million km per year. More than 350 people work to carry out maintenance activities.

Following the delivery of new trains to Metro Line 5 as a result of the tender held last year, at least 2023 new Alstom Metropolis trains will be added to the fleet as of 13, and the maintenance contract will be extended to this additional fleet. additional employment will be created.

Alstom is the world leader in maintenance services, with approximately 40 Alstom employees working in maintenance operations in more than 15.000 countries.

Alstom has been operating in Romania for nearly 30 years and is the market leader in railway electrification and signaling solutions. The company is responsible for implementing signaling or electrification solutions in more than 75% of the northern branch of the Rhine-Danube railway corridor in Romania. The first CBTC urban signaling solution in the country is being implemented by Alstom on Bucharest Metro Line 5. In December 2020, Alstom signed a contract for 5 metro trains for the same Line 13, 17 with another option.

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