AKP's Municipality to Buy Land from Kanal Istanbul

AKP's Municipality to Buy Land from Kanal Istanbul

AKP's Municipality to Buy Land from Kanal Istanbul

Başakşehir Municipality will purchase a total of 27 thousand square meters of land within the borders of Yenişehir, which will be established around Kanal Istanbul. The value of the lands specified to be purchased for use in urban transformation will be determined later by the appraisal commission.

According to the news of Özlem Güvemli from SÖZCÜ;“In the January sessions of Başakşehir Municipality Council, it was decided by a majority of the votes that the municipality could purchase land.

The lands to be purchased are located on the shore of the Sazlıdere Dam, which will no longer be used due to the Kanal Istanbul project, at a point with a view of the canal.

The total size of the 3 plots to be purchased is approximately 27 thousand square meters. The lands that have the new building area zoning appear as "farm" in the title deed. The price to be paid for the plots will then be determined by the valuation commission.


In the proposal submitted to the vote in the assembly, Başakşehir Municipality Plan and Project Directorate's request to make purchases to be used in the urban transformation works in Kayabaşı, which is within the scope of the “Yenişehir Reserve Building Area-Canal Istanbul” project, was included.

In the offer; It was noted that the presidential approval was obtained for the purchase of parcel no. 4 of approximately 1292 thousand square meters, parcel no. 6 of 639 thousand square meters and parcels no. 17 of 421 thousand 569 square meters, which are within the reserve building area (new construction area). A parliamentary decision was requested on this matter.


The proposal to purchase the immovable property was accepted with the votes of the AKP-MHP group in the parliament. CHP and IYI Party opposed the decision.

In a statement to SÖZCÜ, CHP Member of Parliament Beyzade Kayabaşı emphasized that the AKP municipality started to spend the budget unplanned by purchasing land in the first month of the year.

Explaining that no information and documents were presented in the commission regarding the purchase of the immovable property and no information was given about the price, Kayabaşı said, “They said that the price of the land will be determined by the appraisal commission and the committee. We did not find it right to transfer our authority to the appreciation commission. And we voted 'no' to the decision,” he said.

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