Agricultural Journalism Workshop Ended with Great Success

Agricultural Journalism Workshop Ended with Great Success
Agricultural Journalism Workshop Ended with Great Success

The “Agricultural Journalism Workshop” we organized at Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture on January 176, 10, due to the celebrations of the 2022th anniversary of the start of agricultural education in Turkey, ended with great success.

As the Association of Agricultural Journalists and Writers (TAGYAD), we had only one goal. The integration of the concept and content of "Agricultural Journalism" in our country, as in the whole world, with the understanding of interpretation and journalism supported by scientific knowledge and analysis based on current data in the agriculture, food and forest products sectors, instead of the populism and agitation-based format that we encounter very often!

From now on, we should talk more about the agricultural economy. In this context, agricultural economists should be more in the national media. However, we continue to watch with amazement the appearance of ideas in the national media, which are constantly creating information pollution in the agriculture and food sector and are not based on information about the sector.


Interest in the workshop was great. Because it was the first time such an event was held. In addition, the presentations made together with the panels, which were enriched by valuable speakers, brought new dimensions to the concepts and content of agricultural journalism, which we briefly mentioned above.

Speakers in the panels titled "National Media's Perspective on Agriculture and Food Sector", "Accessing Accurate Information in the Agriculture and Food Sector" and "Reflections of Agriculture and Food Journalism on the Sector" met at the following common point; “Agricultural Journalism” is a new and important specialty, commentary and journalism in this field should be based on information, data and analysis.

In the last part, Prof. who is accepted as a doyen in this field. Dr. We listened to Cemal Taluğ. Our teacher Taluğ evaluated the concept of agricultural journalism through ethical values; He explained the importance of operating as a "Communicator" and "Information Publisher" (Extensionist) in the field of agriculture and food.

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