Breathtaking Assembly Begins at Acemler Junction

Breathtaking Assembly Begins at Acemler Junction

Breathtaking Assembly Begins at Acemler Junction

Installation works are starting on the second leg of the bridge, which is one of the projects of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality that will make the Acemler Junction breathe and the connection to the Hüdavendigar District direction was made before. When the work is completed, vehicles coming from the Odunluk, Dikkaldırım and Beşevler regions will be connected to the Ankara road 'near the stadium'. In the next stage of the project, a connection will be made to Mudanya and Izmir.

The Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to relieve transportation in Acemler, which has a vehicle density of 15-10 percent more than the 12 July Martyrs Bridge. Metropolitan Municipality, which previously made lane widening on the connecting branches of Acemler Junction and opened the tube crossing connecting Hayran Cadde and Oulu Cadde, has also accelerated the work at Mudanya Junction, which directly affects the traffic in the region.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which completed the bridge-connection road works projected at Mudanya Junction and which will allow vehicles coming from both directions to go to Hayran Caddesi, Bursa Ali Osman Sönmez Hospital and Hüdavendigar Neighborhood without coming to Acemler, about 1 year ago, now the assembly on the second leg of the bridge. begins its operations. The assembly of special steel beams coming from Europe and processed at the factory in Ankara will be carried out between 6-8 January. A 600-ton tower crane was brought for the assembly of the connection bridge located on the rail system power lines. The assembly works of the bridge, in which a total of 580 tons of steel is used, will be carried out after 22:30. After the assembly of the steel beams, concrete pouring will take place. When the assembly work is completed, the vehicles coming from the direction of Odunluk, Dikkaldırım and Beşevler will be connected to the city center direction from 'near the stadium'. With the connection viaduct in the second phase of the project, direct connection of vehicles coming from this region to Mudanya and İzmir will be ensured.

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