What Should Be Considered While Driving?

What to Consider While Driving a Car
What to Consider While Driving a Car

📩 24/01/2022 11:11

Today, the use of cars has increased significantly all over the world. Especially in big cities, the traffic problem has become more and more problematic with the increasing use of cars. At this point, the points to be considered while driving are of great importance for the safety of life and property. Careful driving can prevent many accidents. For this reason, every driver must act responsibly for the safety of life and property of passengers, pedestrians and other drivers, especially their own safety. The points to be considered while driving a car can be listed as follows.

  • Correctly adjusting the steering grip
  • obeying traffic rules
  • Getting the gears right
  • Correctly adjusting the engine speed while driving
  • avoiding aggressive driving

Driving correctly will not only reduce the likelihood of an accident, but also positively affect the life of the vehicle. Damages occur in many parts of vehicles that are used incorrectly due to misuse, and accordingly, the life of the vehicle decreases and the value of the vehicle decreases.

1. Steering Handling

Steering style is one of the most important issues to be considered while driving. Although some drivers think that holding the steering wheel with one hand is more comfortable and convenient, this is definitely not the right grip. The steering wheel should always be held in a controlled manner with both hands, except when taking the right hand into gear to change gears. In order to hold the steering wheel in the most correct way, first of all, the driver's seat should be adjusted comfortably. Because the driver's seat determines the distance and height between the driver and the steering wheel. In addition, the steering wheel and driver's seat should never be adjusted while driving. The most correct way of holding the steering wheel is to hold the steering wheel by placing the left hand at 10 o'clock and the right hand at 2 o'clock, considering the steering wheel as a clock. During this process, the thumbs should not grasp the steering wheel from below, but should be in the same direction as the other fingers above. Two-handed grip on the steering wheel is the best method for steering. In addition to all this information, it should be known that the steering wheel should not be held too tight or too loose. While driving, the right hand can release the steering wheel for a short time only to change gears. During this process, it should be ensured that steering control with the left hand is provided properly.

2. Traffic Rules

Violating traffic rules is among the situations that cause the most accidents. The main purpose of traffic rules is to provide a safe and comfortable driving environment for everyone by regulating the traffic in the best way. In order for this to happen, every driver must obey the traffic rules. The most important traffic rules are not to cross a red light, not to overtake incorrectly, to give way to the pedestrian, not to enter the one-way road in reverse, to know and apply the priorities of exiting from the secondary road to the main road, to slow down when approaching the intersection and pedestrian crossing. Complying with the traffic rules is extremely important for the safety of the driver's own life and property, as well as the life and property of other drivers and pedestrians. Penal sanctions are applied to drivers who do not comply with the universal traffic rules valid in all countries of the world.

Use of 3rd Gear

The gearbox, also referred to as the gearbox, is a component that serves to transfer the energy it receives from the engine to the differential. At this point, the speed at which the gears will work is adjusted by the gear. As the car accelerates, the speed will increase, so the gear must be increased. Likewise, when the speed decreases, it is inconvenient to drive the vehicle at very low revs, so the gear should be lowered. In addition to manual and automatic gears, there are tiptronic gear types. Manual gear is the type of gear in which the driver changes gears manually. The automatic gear is a smart gear system that adjusts the appropriate gear without the need for the clutch system and the driver's manual intervention. Tiptronic gear, on the other hand, is a gear type that allows gear increase or decrease with manual intervention in addition to automatic gear. Using the engine at very high or very low speeds is extremely harmful for the vehicle and is a factor that reduces vehicle life. For this reason, the use of gears should be made in the most optimum way.

4. Adjusting Engine Speed

Engine speed refers to the number of rotations of the crankshaft in the engine in one minute. The rev counter located on the vehicle panel shows the exact crankshaft revolution of the vehicle. This cycle must be carefully monitored for proper vehicle use and maintenance of vehicle life. When the engine speed reaches high levels, the gear should be increased, and when it goes down to very low levels, the gear should be decreased. In this way, higher performance can be obtained from vehicle driving, as well as fuel savings.

5. Aggressive Driving Should Be Avoided

Aggressive driving is extremely harmful to vehicle components. Sudden acceleration, sudden deceleration, rapid transitions from bumps or bumps, and skidding during aggressive driving damage sensitive parts in vehicle components. In this way, the life of the vehicle is significantly reduced and the value of the vehicle decreases due to wearing parts. In addition to all these, aggressive driving greatly increases the likelihood of an accident. For this reason, aggressive driving, which negatively affects the value of the vehicle, should be avoided. Free online smart to calculate vehicle value vehicle valuation software can be used.

What Should Be Considered While Driving a Car in Winter?

The points to be considered while driving in winter can be listed as follows.

  • A tire suitable for winter conditions must be used.
  • Care should be taken on wet and icy surfaces.
  • The vehicle cabin must not be made excessively hot.
  • Aggressive pressure on the accelerator pedal should be avoided.
  • Vehicle maintenance should be done on time.
  • Sunglasses should be used against reflections, especially on snowy roads.
  • Spare tire, fire extinguisher, health bag, tow rope and tool kit should be kept ready against all kinds of negativities.

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