Turkey's Domestic Car TOGG Sedan Debuted at CES 2022

Turkey's Domestic Car TOGG Sedan Debuted
Turkey's Domestic Car TOGG Sedan Debuted

Turkey's domestic car TOGG, after its first model announced as an SUV, took action for the sedan. The first images were shared on the social media account.

Domestic car Togg, TOGG car took its place on the international stage for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Fair (CES) held in Las Vegas, USA.

The first images of the Togg Sedan are on TOGG's official Twitter account, "Are you ready to meet Togg's dynamic and innovative vision car?" Shared with note.

Togg CEO couldn't hold back his tears

Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş introduced the vehicle at the launch. Karakaş, who made a statement to TRT Haber after the presentation, had emotional moments.

Karakaş, who could not hold back her tears, said, “We will do better. We came to say that we are a player in the game. We are involved in the game and we are progressing rapidly," he said.

Unveiled with its new logo

Togg, which set out with the aim of creating a global brand whose intellectual and industrial property belongs 100% to Turkey, and to create the core of the Turkish mobility ecosystem, determined its logo after the brand name.

In the logo design, two arrows fuse to form a gemstone in the middle, symbolizing the coming together of East and West. Logo also emphasizes that Togg is a technology company that brings technology and people together at the intersection of today and tomorrow, thanks to its mobility solutions that make life easier.

The new logo was seen on the car for the first time in the video shared on December 21.

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