TOGG Combines Technology and Art at CES

TOGG Combines Technology and Art at CES
TOGG Combines Technology and Art at CES

TOGG brought technology and art together in accordance with the brand DNA at the Consumer Electronics Show CES held in Las Vegas, USA, where TOGG took the world stage. The artificial intelligence that learned 2500 pieces of classical Turkish music and composed a special composition for TOGG, the olive tree produced with a 1001D printer from recycled material in XNUMX hours, and the digital work that visualized the meanings of words were the differences that marked TOGG's CES.

Turkey's global technology brand Togg, at CES 5 (Consumer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas, USA on January 7-2022, emphasized the duality approach that constitutes the brand's DNA by combining the concepts of technology and art. Artificial intelligence composed the music used by the brand to say hello to the world. Located right next to the olive tree and emphasizing the idea of ​​using waste as well as protecting living things, kazanThe olive tree made of recycled plastic drew attention to the values ​​that TOGG embraces.

TOGG introduced its concept car, which it calls the 'Transition Concept Smart Device', emphasizing its vision of the future, with a work composed with an artificial intelligence algorithm. Composer and new media artist Mehmet Ünal, who developed software for scientific measurement and calculation in classical Turkish music, Prof. Dr. Using the data of Barış Bozkurt, he obtained new melodic, rhythmic and timbre variations from 2500 works with an artificial intelligence algorithm. In his work, Mehmet Ünal brought together rhythmic and melodic analyzes of Turkish makam music, including works by valuable artists such as Itri, İsmail Dede Efendi, Hacı Arif Bey, Tanburi Cemil Bey and Sadettin Kaynak, and made an adaptation to modern sound aesthetics and different musical styles. The piece, composed by artificial intelligence, was played by a human and turned into its final form. With this approach, TOGG has shown that it protects its cultural heritage while adapting to the latest technologies.

Homage to olive trees

TOGG, signed by Ömer Burhanoğlu, with a live olive tree representing the olive trees that cover the Gemlik district of Bursa, where the production facility is under construction, at CES 2022. kazanexhibited the olive tree model made of molded plastic together. Recycles created in a three-dimensional printer in 1001 hours using today's technology kazanThe tree made of plastic was emphasizing the synthesis of nature and technology, human and robot, science and art, as well as the era of utilizing waste as well as protecting living things.

Güvenç Özel's art includes people and technology.

Famous architect, designer and artist Güvenç Özel, who is shown among the 'Most Influential Turks Living in the USA', also brought together artificial intelligence and art for TOGG within the scope of CES. Ozel's digital work with the theme of 'Visualizing the Meanings of Words' again centered on people and technology.

Sustainability touch from Arzu Kaprol

World-renowned designer Arzu Kaprol, who has signed projects that reflect the unity of fashion and technology, has also prepared a collection for the TOGG team with sustainable design and production methods. While TOGG blue is highlighted in the clothes, which are designed and produced from fabrics all produced in Turkey, equality between men and women is emphasized with the unisex approaches in the collection.

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