There will be no increase in public transportation in Konya in 2022

There will be no increase in public transportation in Konya in 2022
There will be no increase in public transportation in Konya in 2022

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay stated that they provide the cheapest transportation service compared to Turkey's largest cities, and announced that they will not increase the public transportation vehicles belonging to Konya Metropolitan Municipality in 2022.

Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Uğur İbrahim Altay stated that Konya is the city with the largest geography in Turkey and that they exhibit the best examples of Konya Model Municipalism in this wide geography.


Emphasizing that they are making efforts to make the life of everyone living in the city easier and to lighten their burden, Mayor Altay gave good news about public transportation and said: “Every day, we make 72 thousand 650 trips with 2 trams and 200 buses, we cover a distance of 85 thousand kilometers. We transport approximately 280 thousand of our fellow citizens to their work, home and school in one day. In order to ensure the widespread and economical use of public transportation, we did not increase the price of the civilian boarding fee for 2 years and the student boarding fee for 4 years. We still provide the cheapest transportation service compared to Turkey's largest cities. As Konya Metropolitan Municipality, we will not increase transportation in 2022. We will continue to cover the difference from our resources and to support our fellow citizens as long as we can.”


Stating that they will continue to allocate approximately 178 million liras of resources for transportation every year, President Altay said, “When we compare it with the number of our passengers, we will have provided 635 liras of support to each of our citizens using public transportation. I think that our unlimited subscription tariff with an affordable price is a special beauty for our Konya. We have also started the procurement process of our new public transportation vehicles, which are included in our 2022 plan. Our Konya will continue to be the cheapest city among similar cities in transportation.” said.

Public transportation fees in some metropolitan cities are as follows:

Istanbul: Civilian 5,48 TL, Student 2,66 TL.

Eskişehir: Civilian 3,50 TL, Student 2,00 TL.

Mersin: Civilian 3,20 TL, Student 1,00 TL.

Ankara: Civil 4,50 TL, Student 2,50 TL.

Adana: Civilian 3,70 TL, Student 1,50 TL.

İzmir: Civilian 3,46 TL, Student 1,64 TL.

Antalya: Civil 5,20 TL, Student 2,65 TL.

Malatya: Civilian 4,50 TL, Student 3,00 TL.

Diyarbakir: Civilian 2,75 TL, Student 1,60 TL.

Muğla: Civilian 4,75 TL, Student 2,95 TL.

Kayseri: Civilian 3,60 TL, Student 1,90 TL.

Van: Civilian 2,50 TL, Student 1,75 TL.

Aydın: Civilian 3,50 TL, Student 2,75 TL.

Trabzon: Civilian 1,70 TL, Student 1,20 TL.

Bursa: Civilian 3,90 TL, Student 1,80 TL.

Manisa: Civilian 3,50 TL, Student 2,50 TL.

Şanlıurfa: Civilian 2,70 TL, Student 1,80 TL.

Kahramanmaraş: Civilian 3,10, Student 2,00 TL.

Gaziantep: Civilian 3,25 TL, Student 1,75 TL.

Hatay: Civilian 3,50, Student 2,62 TL.

Kocaeli: Civilian 3,50, Student 2,25 TL.

Tekirdag: Civilian 3,50, Student 2,50 TL.

Mardin: Civilian 2,25, Student 1,50 TL.

Samsun: Civilian 3,50 TL, Student 2,50 TL.

Konya: Civilian 2,50 TL, Student 1,55 TL.

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