Updated EGO Mobile Application Got Full Notes From Citizens

Updated EGO Mobile Application Got Full Notes From Citizens
Updated EGO Mobile Application Got Full Notes From Citizens

EGO General Directorate, which follows technological innovations and brings them together with the citizens of the Capital, continues to implement applications that will facilitate the lives of citizens using public transportation. EGO General Directorate updated the “EGO CEP'te” mobile application with its own means and made it faster and more useful with its new interface. From now on, citizens will be able to instantly report their suggestions and complaints to Başkent153 with the 'Report' button.

EGO General Directorate continues to facilitate the lives of the citizens of the Capital by following technological innovations.

The mobile application “EGO CEP'te”, which allows tracking of Private Public Buses, Private Public Transport Vehicles and EGO Buses, and where all information about bus lines is shared with users, was updated in design and software and offered to citizens.


With its user-friendly interface, EGO Cep has become a mobile application that is both more useful and faster, and with the latest update, it can be used more comfortably by citizens from now on.

The application, which can be downloaded from "Google Play" and "App Store", was updated with a common design on iOS and Android platforms and opened for use.


While the application was completely updated with the own means and resources of the EGO General Directorate, approximately 1 million TL was saved in this way.

Thanks to the application, users can monitor the balance information of ANKARAKART, check past transactions and load balances on their cards with a credit card.

With the update, passengers will be able to forward their direct suggestions and complaints to Başkent 153 quickly with the “Report” button.


Stating that after the update, users must re-enter their personal and card information for once and that this information will be transferred automatically in future updates, EGO General Directorate Information Processing Department Head Ali Yayla said:

“There were some problems in the application over time. Our vehicle tracking system used in our public transportation vehicles was obsolete. Since the system could not be renewed, it was technologically backward. Due to the fact that the vehicle tracking system was not renewed, there were problems in the application of EGO CEP. The Vehicle Tracking System renewal works, which started with the contractor company in October, were successfully completed. Thanks to the new update, complaints to Başkent153 have decreased by 80 percent.”

Emphasizing that the new design, simple and fast structure of the application in EGO CEP will provide users with the opportunity to access information such as where the bus is, when it will arrive at the relevant stop, departure time and line route, Yayla said, “Corporate capacity development with the renovation project carried out entirely with our internal resources. has also been provided. Now, the EGO CEP application will be regularly updated and new features will be added.”


Citizens using the new version of the application expressed their thoughts with the following words:

Fadime Şimal Balcı: “I like the new version of the app. The view is also very beautiful. It was easier, I found the stops to record more comfortable.”

Hasan Yildirim: “I was using the app. I was even looking at the app right now. 'When will the bus arrive? How far will I walk to my destination?' saying. I was very satisfied.”

Sukru Reader: “We find our bus stops more comfortable now. The names of the districts are written. It has been very useful especially for people who are foreign to Ankara. The balance has been loaded to our card from internet banking. People are not victims, in this case, it has been quite successful and facilitated.”

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