Tender Goes to China after USA Blocks Sales of T129 Attack to Pakistan

Tender Goes to China after USA Blocks Sales of T129 Attack to Pakistan
Tender Goes to China after USA Blocks Sales of T129 Attack to Pakistan

Pakistan Armed Forces sözcüUpon a question at the press conference, Babar Iftikhar announced that Pakistan gave up the supply of T129 ATAK helicopters from Turkey. Sözcü In his speech, he stated that negotiations were held for the supply of Z-10ME attack helicopters from China. However, according to the information we obtained from official sources, Pakistan did not officially terminate the procurement process for T129 ATAK helicopters.

As it will be remembered, Pakistan had ordered a total of 129 T30 ATAK Attack Helicopters manufactured by TAI. In addition to this sale, TAI had agreed on a wide contract package in terms of logistics, spare parts, training and ammunition. The USA did not give an official response for the use of Honeywell-manufactured LHTEC CTS129-800A turboshaft engines used in the T-4 ATAK Attack Helicopter, and the process was blocked.

The T-129 ATAK Helicopter, which was subjected to extensive tests in Turkey and Pakistan by the Pakistan Land Forces, successfully passed all the tests and met the requirements, and proved its feature of being the most effective attack helicopter in its class in the world. Engine export approval was awaited from the USA for the helicopter, which gained great appreciation from the pilots with its high-altitude performance in Pakistan.

The tender went to China after the USA blocked the sale of the T129 Atak to Pakistan.

Presidency Sözcüsü İbrahim Kalın announced that the US blocking the sale of Turkey's T129 ATAK Attack helicopter to Pakistan may cause the tender to go to China.

Regarding the “unable to” sale of T129 ATAK attack helicopters to Pakistan, Kalın said, “The USA prevented the sale of combat helicopters we were planning to make to Pakistan. This will likely cause the tender in question to go to China, where the loser will be the United States. Our relationship with the United States can work very constructively where we can mutually strengthen each other and address common issues or concerns together.” made his statements. In Pakistan's attack helicopter tender, there was the Z-129ME, the export version of the Zhishengji-10 (Z-10) attack helicopter produced by the Chinese CAIC, opposite the TAI T10 ATAK.

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