The Road to İlimtepe in Kocaeli Advances Fast

The Road to İlimtepe in Kocaeli Advances Fast
The Road to İlimtepe in Kocaeli Advances Fast

"Ilimtepe Connection Road 1st Stage Project", which will add a special value to Körfez district, continues as planned. The project, which is under construction by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, will connect the southern and northern sides of Körfez district. Work continues intensively on the 5,2st stage of the 1 kilometer road starting from Körfez Yeni Yalı Mahallesi to İlimtepe Mahallesi. Accordingly, within the scope of the 1st stage of the project, the road starting from Anadolu Döküm Intersection will be crossed over the TEM Highway with a 128,7-meter-long crossing bridge and connected to Yunus Emre Street. The road starting from D-100 Yeni Yalı Neighborhood will pass through Çamlıtepe and Yavuz Sultan Selim neighborhoods. Within the scope of the 120st stage, which has a 1-meter-long double road, 800-meter stream improvement and crossing culverts were previously made.


Within the scope of the project, Metropolitan, which manufactures a 19-meter-wide, 128,7-meter-long reinforced concrete bridge on the TEM Highway, used approximately 685 m3 of concrete and 71 tons of iron in this construction. Also pouring the pavement and central median concretes on the bridge, the Metropolitan helped shape the project a little more.


As part of the bridge connections, the teams that produced 400 meters of earth concrete in the north and south, used approximately 20 thousand m3 of filling, 350 m3 of panels and 43 thousand meters of steel strip in this direction. Within the scope of stream improvement, Metropolitan, which made a 70-meter closed section and a 375-meter section, used approximately 2 m100 of concrete and 3 tons of iron in this work.


Within the scope of infrastructure, the Metropolitan, which has approximately 540 meters of 300, 470 meters of 400, 600 meters of 600, 460 meters of 800, and 15 meters of 1000 sewerage and rainwater lines, has 25 sewerage subscriber connections to the designated places. He put two chimneys and 69 grills. Within the scope of asphalt pavement, 21 thousand tons of plantmix material and 9 thousand 2 tons of bitumen foundation were laid.


In the project, which continues at full speed, the production of pedestrian guardrails with a length of 670 meters has started. In this direction, iron railings are mounted safely and securely. Then, the production of 970 meters long auto guards will begin. Within the scope of the project, sidewalk productions, some grilles, 2 intersections and 2nd and 3rd floor asphalt productions will also be made. The contractor company has completed 80 percent of the project. It continues its work at full speed to complete the remaining 20 percent as soon as possible.


With the completion of the next stages of the four-lane road that will provide a north-south connection between the D-100 Highway and İlimtepe Houses, it is aimed to connect the Sevindikli exit of the Northern Marmara Motorway with the D-100 Highway.

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