New Citroen C5 Aircross Continues to Set Comfort Standards

New Citroen C5 Aircross Continues to Set Comfort Standards
New Citroen C5 Aircross Continues to Set Comfort Standards

C5 Aircross, the model that Citroën has set the class standards with its comfort features since the first day it was introduced, is renewed and takes to the roads with a stronger and more striking appearance. The design touches made in the renewed C5 Aircross reveal the brand's new design language and increase the perception of the car's width. C5 Aircross, which continues to set the bar to a higher level in its segment in terms of in-car comfort; Citroën Advanced Comfort® suspension, new Citroën Advanced Comfort® seats, unrivaled interior space and modularity, as well as driving support technologies such as Highway Driving Assistant, are distinguished from their competitors.

Since its first introduction in 5, the Citroën C2018 Aircross has left its mark on the highly competitive compact SUV segment with its interior space, modularity and above all, unrivaled comfort in its class, as well as with more than 260.000 global sales successes. The new C5 Aircross, on the other hand, continues to dominate its class, providing a much more comfortable driving experience and functional interior experience. The new C5 Aircross successfully reflects the brand's current design language with new lines on its front design. Vertical design details strengthen the modern look of the vehicle and increase the perception of width. LED technology stops strengthen the 3-dimensional effect with the piano key design. In addition, the new 18-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels contribute to the vehicle's strong SUV stance that can cope with all road conditions.

More comfortable and technological interior

Following the move to make the exterior more prestigious and attractive, the interior of the new C5 Aircross is also more dynamic and refined. kazanyelled. The C5 Aircross is equipped with a new 10-inch touchscreen that appears to float above the dashboard, giving it a more modern passenger cabin look. Plus a fully customizable 12,3-inch digital display; It brings all essential and customizable information such as navigation map, active driving support systems directly into the driver's field of vision and supports driving safety.

The C5 Aircross maximizes comfort with the new generation Citroën Advanced Comfort® seats available with the C4 and C5 X. The heating and massage functions offered on the driver and front passenger sides ensure that the perception of luxury is experienced above the class standards.

More stylish and rich personalization options

In order to meet the expectations of C-SUV segment customers, very special personalization solutions are offered in the new C5 Aircross. Apart from the new Eclipse Blue color, which turns from dark blue to black depending on the outside light, the C5 Aircross has a rich choice list with different body colors such as Polar White, Pearlescent White, Pearl Black, Platinum Grey, Steel Grey. New colors are also applied to the front air intakes and Airbump®.

Setting the standards in driving comfort

A distinguished representative of Citroën DNA with its comfort features, the new C5 Aircross offers a special experience focusing on comfort and ease of use, while preserving the prominent features of its segment. Exclusive to Citroën, Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® suspension carefully filters out road imperfections and enables passengers to travel in absolute comfort with a true “flying carpet” effect. The C5 Aircross offers users an advanced functionality and modularity experience as the only SUV in the segment to offer three independent skids, foldable and reclining rear seats. In addition, extra attention to sound insulation comes to the fore with solutions such as acoustic laminated windshield, which strengthens the cocoon effect inside the vehicle.

Safe travel with advanced technologies

The C5 Aircross offers many next-generation technologies to improve the comfort and safety of its passengers. The new C5 Aircross; It incorporates 2 pioneering driving assistance systems offered in the compact SUV segment, including the 20nd level autonomous driving system Highway Driving Assistant, which combines Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go function and Active Lane Departure Warning.

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