The Foundation of Turkey's First Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Factory Was Laid

The Foundation of Turkey's First Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Factory Was Laid
The Foundation of Turkey's First Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Factory Was Laid

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank laid the foundation of Turkey's first lithium iron phosphate battery factory. Stating that a total investment of 180 million dollars is envisaged for the project, which will be completed in three stages, Varank said, "In the first stage, 250 citizens will be employed, and with the completion of all processes, they will increase this employment to 600." said.

Minister Varank attended the Groundbreaking Ceremony of Controlmatik Technology Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Factory in Polatlı. In his speech here, Varank stated that they are working to make Turkey a global base capable of producing critical technologies and said, "Kontrolmatik's pioneering investment in battery technologies and energy storage systems is an important initiative that will strengthen this vision." he said.


Noting that the need for energy is increasing day by day with rapid technological developments, Varank said, “The storage of energy as well as its production and transmission is a vital issue. The value of this investment will become clearer when evaluated together with the electric vehicle and consumer electronics sectors.” made its assessment.

Stating that the internal combustion engine technology using fossil fuels is history, Varank pointed out that most of the cost of electric vehicles that will replace them is due to batteries.


Stating that energy storage systems are also a critical element for the charging infrastructure, Varank said, “We, as a country, made a rapid entry into the electric vehicle sector with Turkey's Automobile in this period when competitive conditions were equalized. Everything is working fine on the project at the moment. Hopefully, at the end of the year, the first vehicles will come off the mass production line, but we are aware that battery technologies will be very effective in the long-term success of projects like TOGG.” said.


For this reason, reminding that there was a cooperation between FARASİS and TOGG, one of the world's largest battery manufacturers, Varank stated that investment studies for the production of batteries to be used in Turkey's Automobile are continuing at full speed in Gemlik. Noting that Ford Otosan also has a similar investment in Turkey, Varank noted that the aforementioned company will announce the good news about a large battery investment very soon.


Touching on the investment of Kontrolmatik Teknoloji, Varank said, "Here, the formation of a much larger ecosystem and the development of our national capacity are the most important. This investment by Kontrolmatik Teknoloji is an appropriate step in meeting the increasing storage need in the sector with domestic and national resources. I believe that it will add a lot to the power and energy of our country, both in terms of technology and scale. It is envisaged that a total investment of 3 million dollars will be made for this project, which will be completed in 180 stages. At the first stage, 250 of our citizens will be employed, and upon the completion of all processes, this employment will be increased to 600. In terms of production capacity, it is aimed to start with 250 megawatt hours and increase it to 1000 megawatts. Of course, this production will also make a significant contribution to reducing our current account deficit. This facility, which will be the first private sector investment in its field, will provide an annual decrease of 250 million dollars in imports with the production it will make.” used the phrases.


Stating that they will continue to grow Turkey with “Babayiğit” entrepreneurs under the leadership of industry in 2022, Varank said that they will continue to keep the country on the route of investment, production, export and employment, and that energy investments will be the guarantee of reaching these goals.


Varank, inviting manufacturers located in the country and global companies to make similar investments in Turkey, said, “Our country is a safe harbor for your investments with its competitive business environment, attractive incentives, strong financial system and macroeconomic structure created under the leadership of our President. Let's evaluate the opportunities here together and kazanpurchase." said.

Governor of Ankara Vasip Şahin and Chairman of the Board of KontrolMatik Teknoloji Sami Aslanhan also gave speeches at the ceremony.

After the speeches, Minister Varank and his entourage laid the foundation of the factory by pressing the buttons.

With the said investment, new technological applications, especially grid-level energy storage facilities, electric vehicle technologies and charging support systems, turnkey energy storage solutions for industrial facilities, renewable energy applications, residential applications and island installations will be made.

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