First HURJET Aircraft to Carry President Erdogan's Signature

First HURJET Aircraft to Carry President Erdogan's Signature
First HURJET Aircraft to Carry President Erdogan's Signature

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who attended the National Technologies and New Investments Collective Opening and Promotion Ceremony at TAI facilities, signed the part of the aircraft, which is still in production within the scope of the Jet Training and Light Attack Aircraft HÜRJET Project. TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil, regarding the ongoing Jet Training and Light Attack Aircraft HÜRJET Project, said, “Hopefully, in 2022, our HÜRJET will open its wings to fly.” he said. Kotil announced that the ground tests would be completed within this year. Stating that they are in good condition in the tender held by Malaysia, Kotil said, "Hopefully, we will sell 18 HÜRJETs to Malaysia." he said.

Regarding the HÜRJET project, Kotil had previously announced that the Jet Training and Light Attack Aircraft HÜRJET would start ground tests at the beginning of 2022. Noting that the first flight will be carried out in 2022 following the ground tests, Kotil announced on March 18, 2023 that HÜRJET will perform a more mature flight. Saying that the first jet trainer will be delivered to the Air Force Command in 2025, Kotil stated that the work on the armed version (HÜRJET-C) could continue until 2027.

Asked about the deployment of HÜRJET to the multi-purpose amphibious assault ship ANADOLU, Kotil stated that the studies are continuing and said, “Since HÜRJET will be a low stall speed aircraft, it is possible to land at TCG Anadolu. If it is necessary to change the stall speed, a change should be made in the wing structure. ” had made a statement.

The detail parts and assembly kits of HÜRJET, whose Critical Design Review activities were completed, took their place on the benches. It is expected that the assembly process will mature in 2021 and the aircraft will be “incarnated”.

The configurations planned to be worked on; Combat Preparedness Training, Light Attack (Close Air Support), Counter Force Duty in Training, Air Patrol (Armed and Unarmed), Acrobatic Stunt Aircraft, Aircraft Carrier Compatible Aircraft. Within the scope of the project, it is planned to produce one static and one fatigue test aircraft to be used in test activities with two flying prototype aircraft.

Static-1 wind tunnel tests were successfully performed to verify the aerodynamic surface of the aircraft before the Preliminary Design Phase was completed. In this process, first of all, the configuration for the Prototype-1 aircraft was determined and meetings were held with all system suppliers. The system layout works were accelerated and the aircraft structure was started to be created. After the critical design and analysis activities were carried out, the Critical Design Phase was successfully completed at the end of February 2021.

Source: defenceturk

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