Delivery Date of HÜRKUŞ Aircraft to the Air Force Has Been Determined

Delivery Date of HÜRKUŞ Aircraft to the Air Force Has Been Determined
Delivery Date of HÜRKUŞ Aircraft to the Air Force Has Been Determined

The HÜRKUŞ basic trainer aircraft, developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries, is finally in the inventory. Speaking at the National Technologies and New Investments Collective Opening and Promotion Ceremony at TAI facilities, TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil announced that the Turkish Air Force will receive the first HÜRKUŞ basic trainer aircraft next month. In his speech, Kotil stated that the delivery of the first batch of 6 HÜRKUŞ basic trainer aircraft will begin in February.

The Hürkuş aircraft, which made its first flight on January 29, 2018, was far behind the schedule planned and set by the authorities and could not enter the inventory. It was announced that 3 Hürkuş-B model aircraft were delivered to the Turkish Air Force, and it was stated that a total of 15 aircraft would be delivered in 2019. According to the statements, the "acceptance activities" of the aircraft received by the Air Force Command were continuing. Kotil previously said, “The body material is aluminum. We are making HÜRKUŞ again. We are making a second HÜRKUŞ. It will be pretty composite.” he said.

HÜRKUŞ Project

Within the scope of the HÜRKUŞ project, it is aimed to design, develop, prototype production and international certification of an original training aircraft that will meet the training aircraft needs of the Turkish Armed Forces and can have a share in the world market, using domestic facilities.

In SSIK held on September 26, 2013, it was decided to start contract negotiations with TUSAŞ's proposal for mass production of TUSAŞ and HÜRKUŞ aircraft in order to meet the needs of 15 new generation basic training aircraft. As a result of the studies and negotiations made after this decision, the HÜRKUŞ-B Agreement was signed on December 26, 2013, and the production and assembly processes are ongoing.

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