Plane Kıraathane's Day is Different, Its Night is Beautiful

Plane Kıraathane's Day is Different, Its Night is Beautiful
Plane Kıraathane's Day is Different, Its Night is Beautiful

Aircraft Coffeehouse, which was brought to life by the Metropolitan Municipality in Donatım Park, gained a different beauty during the day and at night with the final lighting installation.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality adds value to the urban structure with its important touches to the texture of the city. Social facilities, parks and living spaces become the address of the best memories and memories with a new project implemented every day. Among these works, the Aircraft Coffeehouse has become one of the visually rich spots of the city with the last works.

Seeing photo being taken

Lighting and lighting were installed around the aircraft. The plane, where lights of different colors are placed, takes on a wonderful image at night. The project attracts the attention of the citizens passing through the region after the last operations. Those who see the project visit and take a souvenir photo. The Metropolitan Municipality leaves traces that will carry the culture, history and symbols of the city to the future in the projects it implements in the social field.

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From the plane to the cafe

The AIRBUS A300 model aircraft, located just behind the Kent Park Traditional Arts Specialization Center, has been used for cargo and transportation transportation in various countries of the world since 1979. With the project designed by the Metropolitan Municipality, the plane was transformed into a restaurant-coffee house with a seating capacity of 82. A library was also created inside the aircraft. The project, which also included a simulation about Sakarya, attracted great attention in a short time.

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