Sumela Monastery Cable Car Project Has Arrived at the Tender Stage

Sumela Monastery Cable Car Project Has Arrived at the Tender Stage
Sumela Monastery Cable Car Project Has Arrived at the Tender Stage

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu continues to implement the projects he promised a more livable Trabzon.

Appreciation of all segments with the projects he announced. kazanTrabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu is making great efforts to plan the future of Trabzon, which has 18 districts and 708 neighborhoods. Making his difference with his understanding of social municipality, Mayor Zorluoğlu listens to the problems and demands of tradesmen and citizens by not leaving them alone for a moment, with the understanding that 'the closest to the problem is also the closest to the solution'. In line with the importance he attaches to common sense, Mayor Zorluoğlu, who frequently meets with the city's dynamics and the neighborhood headmen of 18 districts, also takes care to examine the project studies on site. Chairman Zorluoğlu made evaluations about the works carried out for the growth and development of Trabzon in every field.


Providing information about the cable car project to be established in order to facilitate the transportation of the visitors to the Sümela Monastery, one of the important tourism centers of Turkey, and to offer the opportunity to see the valley from the top, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “Our ropeway project, which is prepared to have two stops, has been completed and is currently at the tender stage. The first leg starts from inside the valley and reaches a far but high point to Sümela. The second leg carries you to a point close to Sümela, so it is a two-stop cable car system. At the first stop, it will be an area where you can easily spend 3-4 hours, such as scenery, viewing terraces, walking paths, restaurants, which offer completely different beauties. You get on the cable car again and get off at a point very close to the Sümela Monastery, which we call the second leg, and from there you go to Sümela.


Expressing that he attaches special importance to serving not only Ortahisar but also 18 districts in an equitable manner in Trabzon, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “From the first day, I have been saying that we are the Metropolitan Municipality not only of Ortahisar, but of all of our 18 districts and 704 neighborhoods. Therefore, we have to distribute our opportunities, projects and services to all our districts and metropolitan borders with an understanding of justice and equity. We carry out our work with this understanding," he said.


Stating that they act very sensitively in the field of "Government Municipality" in line with the framework drawn by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “It is more important for me to touch the hearts of our people while making big investments on the one hand. The motto of the AK Party municipality; soul management. Therefore, being an accessible mayor and learning the problems first hand and producing appropriate solutions is my definition of voluntary municipality. At this point, I give special importance to not only in my free time, but also in my schedule, to frequently meet with our mukhtars, shopkeepers and citizens in our 18 districts and to listen to their problems and demands on the spot," he said.


President Zorluoğlu, who has been examining the new bus station area, which is among the projects he has given importance in the past days, said, “The Intercity Bus Terminal was an important problem that has become a bleeding wound of Trabzon in recent years. Although the current bus station is not able to meet the need, it does not suit Trabzon in terms of appearance. In our new bus station project, the raft foundations of our construction have now been laid. Mechanical building completed. Basement shelters of the main building and 5 thousand 500 meters of foundation were manufactured. In addition to these, 80 percent of the reinforcing and preventive expropriation curtains on the riverside have been completed. The upper main buildings will be started in a very short time. It is a very important project for Trabzon. When it is completed, we will implement a modern bus station that will meet the needs and befit our city.”


Evaluating the work of the Ganita – Faroz Project, which the people of Trabzon are eagerly waiting for, Chairman Zorluoğlu said, “The Ganita – Faroz Project is among our vision projects that we attach great importance to. Among our projects, the work that excites me the most is the Ganita-Faroz Project. Ganita was one of the most important haunts of Trabzon. It's been dormant for a long time. We want to bring Ganita back to the city and make it a place where people of Trabzon can relax, spend time and meet the sea. We have started working on our project, which will cost approximately 70 million liras. We want to reveal a very different destination from Ganita to Faroz within a 1-year period. We will make piers for our citizens and amateur fishermen, and interactive applications for children and young people. The walking and cycling paths we will build from Ganita to Faroz will merge with the axis that extends to Beşirli after Faroz. Our goal is for our fellow citizens to go from Ganita to Akyazı Stadium by bicycle, skateboard and roller skate. When the project is completed, it will be the most beautiful coastal arrangement not only in Trabzon but also in the region.


Stating that they have put into service the 'Fully Automatic Multi-Storey Car Park' project, which is the 5th in Turkey and the only one in the region, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “Our car park, which was put into service by our Metropolitan Municipality, will largely solve the parking problem in the Meydan area. As it is known, we are currently using the area where the old teacher's house and Cudibey Secondary School are located as a temporary parking lot. One of our goals is to build a large parking lot under that area. Our new parking lot construction continues at full speed right next to our historical municipality building. With the last arrangement, we are giving entrance and exit from our Çömlekçi Neighborhood. Thus, our citizens who want to come to the Square will be able to reach the Square from here without entering the city traffic. When the parking lot in our İskenderpaşa Neighborhood is completed, we will have solved our parking problem in the city center to a great extent.”


Stating that they have implemented the largest and most comprehensive infrastructure work in the history of Trabzon with the Ortahisar Drinking Water Supply Project, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “The time has come, and even passed, for the entire infrastructure to be renewed. Ortahisar Drinking Water Supply Project is not only a drinking water line project, but also a very comprehensive project that solves the drinking water, sewage, rain water, natural gas and telecommunication problems of all central districts to a large extent. We call this project 'five in one'. So far, 187 km of drinking water line, 18 km of rain water line, 12 km of sewer line, 134 km of fiber optic line, 12 km of natural gas line have been completed. This project is by far the largest infrastructure project in the history of Trabzon in terms of municipality. Hopefully, when we complete the project in the middle of 2023, there will be no need for serious infrastructure investments for at least 50 years in the center of Trabzon and the surrounding neighborhoods.”


Emphasizing that they want to make Boztepe, which is frequented by both citizens of Trabzon and local and foreign tourists in the city center, a completely different identity, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “We have a joint project work with Ortahisar Municipality in Boztepe, which is our very important tourism destination. The tea gardens that exist now look like ancient times. In order to make Boztepe much more attractive to people, it will bring Trabzon to Trabzon with its viewing terrace, wooden walking paths, higher quality tea gardens, resting, eating and drinking places, lighting and parking facilities. kazanwe will go. The project is completed, at the tender stage. We will beautify Boztepe aesthetically and make it a place where our people will benefit more.”

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