Solid Wastes Collected at Istanbul Airport Turned into Art

Solid Wastes Collected at Istanbul Airport Turned into Art
Solid Wastes Collected at Istanbul Airport Turned into Art

Istanbul Airport continues to produce projects that integrate its rapidly continuing works in the field of culture and arts with its sustainability policy and that offer benefits to the society. Waste materials collected at Istanbul Airport turn into art with the interpretation of Artist Deniz Sağdıç, meeting the visitors with the concept of “0” Zero Point.

  • With the “0” Zero Point project realized by Istanbul Airport, artist Deniz Sağdıç, old uniforms bearing the brands of İGA and its stakeholders, plastic boxes identified and discovered at the Istanbul Airport Waste Management Center, garbage bags, cables, etc. creates works of art with all kinds of materials, objects and pieces of furniture.
  • The 4 works that the artist created in a 20-month workshop with his team consist of portraits of different nationalities and are exhibited at Istanbul Airport.
  • The exhibition, which was opened on January 12, 2022, can be visited in the international bosphorus area of ​​Istanbul Airport for three months.
  • A portion of the revenue from the sales of the works will be used in IGA's Corporate Social Responsibility projects.
  • Istanbul Airport aims to inspire its visitors in terms of sustainability with the “0” Zero Point project.
  • Visual Artist Deniz Sağdıç, with her project titled “Ready-ReMade”, which she started to implement in 2015; It tries to re-create the objects and objects that the individual uses in daily life, that he has left aside by consuming, and all kinds of wastes that have lost their function as a work in the world of art.
  • With this method, the artist; It aims to re-question the individual's consumption habits, to inspire individuals and institutions about "sustainability", and to bring art to a more intimate level for the individual through materials used in daily life rather than materials that require special knowledge and skills.
  • He emphasizes being able to draw attention to the fact that art is a matter of sustainability, as it is in all fields and sectors.
  • You can also reach the details of the exhibition on the official social media accounts of IGART;

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done :8

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