Sakarya Bicycle Routes Map Will Be Processed into Digital Application

Sakarya Bicycle Routes Map Will Be Processed into Digital Application
Sakarya Bicycle Routes Map Will Be Processed into Digital Application

The Metropolitan Municipality determines the routes on the 'Sakarya Cycling Routes Map'. Routes including the city center, plateaus and plains will be processed into the digital application. In practice, the 49-kilometer route, consisting of 2 mountain and city tracks, will soon be available to cycling enthusiasts.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement different projects in this field in Sakarya with the title of 'Bicycle Friendly City'. Sakarya, which is a brand with its bicycle-friendly practices, facilities and world-class organizations it hosts, will become the center of bicycle with new works to be done. Working with the aim of popularizing the use of bicycles with bicycle paths built in the center and all parts of the city, SAKBIS rental service and newly commissioned bicycle areas, the Metropolitan Municipality brings everything about bicycles to a single screen.

Routes are migrated to virtual environment

The teams of the Sports Department are working on an application that displays all of the cycling routes and areas in digital environment. Accordingly, bicycle paths in the city center and all its areas, mountain bike tracks, all areas where cycling can be done in natural areas will be uploaded to this application with very fine calculations. The process of incorporating bicycle routes into the program has begun. First of all, the bicycle routes drawn on the 'Sakarya Cycling Routes Map' prepared by the municipality are transferred to the virtual environment with all their features.

2 different tracks of 500 kilometers

2 different cycling routes with a length of 500 kilometers, consisting of mountain, plain and road tracks, were created. In the application, all the features of these tracks and the points to be considered are written in detail. In addition, bicycle maintenance points and stopovers will be specified in the application. According to the first information given, gifts and discounts are offered to those who download the application over the internet, while this application will be able to work offline when set.

The application will be ready with surprises

In the statement made by the Youth and Sports Services Department, “We are making feverish preparations for our new mobile application, which we will implement in order to put the bicycle at the center of life in Sakarya and to expand its use. When completed, everything about the bike will be found in this application. Cycling lovers and all our citizens will see all the activities that can be done by bicycle in the city on a single screen. Our application will be prepared as soon as possible with many surprises. Good luck to our city and our country.

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