The Prosecutor Changed in the Corlu Train Accident Case

The Prosecutor Changed in the Corlu Train Accident Case
The Prosecutor Changed in the Corlu Train Accident Case

The prosecutor of the separation investigation, which may pave the way for the prosecution of the TCDD senior management regarding the Çorlu train accident, has been changed.

The 8th hearing of the lawsuit filed regarding the "train accident" in which 2018 people died and more than 25 people were injured on July 300, 9 in Tekirdağ Çorlu will be held at Çorlu 25st High Criminal Court on Tuesday, January 1.

At the 16th hearing on March 2021, 7, in the case where four defendants were tried pending trial on the charge of "causing death by negligence", the lawyers of the victims demanded that the TCDD senior management be tried and the investigation expanded, and presented a list of names to the court. The court board accepted this request of the lawyers and decided to file a criminal complaint with the Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. The investigation was expected to be expanded by Prosecutor Galip Özkurşun in line with the new criminal complaint and to continue to be carried out over the existing segregation file.

According to the news of Serkan Alan from Newspaper WallLawyers of the victims' families demanded a criminal complaint be filed against the prosecutor, after it was revealed that Prosecutor Özkurşun, who oversaw the separation file (separation of the cases or the proceedings regarding the cases separately), did not take the statements of many names from the top management of TCDD for months despite the court's denunciation. . At the 7th hearing on September 8, the court board accepted the demand for a criminal complaint against prosecutor Özkurşun.

Before the ninth hearing, in which the Çorlu families voiced their demand for justice, it was revealed that the file was received from Prosecutor Özkurşun, who oversaw the segregation file of those responsible, which is expected to expand. Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office took the separation file from Özkurşun, who was the subject of criminal complaints, and handed it to prosecutor Fatma Top.


It is requested that the prosecutor's office regarding the Çorlu train accident prepare a new indictment regarding the separate investigation file that continues outside the main trial, and that this indictment be accepted by the court. With the acceptance of the new indictment, which is expected to be prepared by the Prosecutor's Office, the decision to merge the two files will be made by the court, and this will pave the way for the trial of TCDD senior executives.


The criminal complaints against the prosecutor Galip Özkurşun, whose file was taken away while conducting the Tefrik investigation, have not yielded any results so far.

According to Selvi Yüzbaşıoğlu, one of the lawyers of the victims' families, who evaluated the transfer of the file from Özkurşun to another prosecutor, this change is not something they want under “normal conditions”. Stating that their demand is for the prosecutor's office to carry out the investigation effectively, and that the families of the victims have lost their patience, Lawyer Yüzbaşıoğlu said: “What we really want is for the prosecutor to carry out the investigation effectively. To carry out the investigation properly and to reach the main responsible persons. We, together with the prosecutor Galip Özkurşun, already saw that the investigation could not continue. He was not conducting an active investigation. TCDD did not persistently take the statements of top managers. Now the file has been transferred to another prosecutor. This was a waste of time for us. Until this hearing, the investigation had to be completed and the new names to come. We hope that this new prosecutor will conduct an investigation that meets the expectations of the families and their demands for justice.”


According to lawyer Selvi Yüzbaşıoğlu, the new prosecutor is not expected to complete the investigation at the ninth hearing on 25 January, since the change in the prosecutor's office in the separation file is recent. In the ninth hearing, Yüzbaşıoğlu stated that they will express their criticisms about the trial process in general and said, “We will present our criticisms about the prolongation of the trial and the lack of an effective investigation. This file is waiting for the prosecutor's office. Without the prosecution's action, there is no room for the file to progress at this stage. It will be a session in which we will direct our criticisms," he said.

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