People's Bread Buffets are Renovated in Eskişehir

People's Bread Buffets are Renovated in Eskişehir
People's Bread Buffets are Renovated in Eskişehir

Halk Ekme, which has been on the agenda with new projects one after another, in the last period, especially with Halk Süt, is adding new ones to its modern sales kiosks.

20 new kiosks with refrigerators for the sale of milk and dairy products have begun to be placed in various parts of the city.

In addition to the 28 People's Bread Buffets, which were renovated in the first stage, within the scope of the People's Milk Project, which sets an example for many municipalities in Turkey, the renovation works for 20 more kiosks have now started. The new kiosks will allow the sale of milk, butter, egg and cheese varieties as well as bread varieties.

Expressing that Halk Bread is an important social project for the people of the city to have access to bread, which is the basic nutrient, cheap and hygienically, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen said, “Halk Ekmek is increasing the quality of service to our people with innovations every day. Innovations that started with pasteurized Halk Süt continued with egg and dairy products. In addition, our buffets have also become more modern. Few of our old kiosks remained. We are updating them now. Due to the economic crisis in our country, the demand for our People's Bread has increased even more. We are trying to respond to this demand by pushing all our means. We will have new investments in Halk Bread very soon. We continue the preparations for these,” he said.

Deniz Kaplan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Halk Ekmek, who gave information about the new kiosks being put into service, said, “We started our efforts to replace the new kiosks by renovating our Şahintepesi Buffet in our Çankaya Neighborhood. We will replace our other buffets with new ones as soon as possible. We will also put new kiosks in some areas where we do not currently have kiosks. Our citizens can get all kinds of information about Halk Bread and our kiosks from our address” He said that as Halk Ekmek, they will continue to strive to offer the best, as always.

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