Senior Appointment in IMM! Deputy Secretary General Assoc. Dr. Pelin Alpkokin Became

Pelin Alpkökin Appointed as Deputy Secretary General of IMM
Pelin Alpkökin Appointed as Deputy Secretary General of IMM

IMM Deputy Secretary General Orhan Demir resigned from his duty, which he started on July 26, 2019, due to his retirement on January 1, 2022.

Instead of Demir, the Head of the Rail System Department, with whom he worked, Assoc. Dr. Pelin Alpkokin was appointed by proxy. It has been learned that Alpkökin will continue to serve as the head of the department.

Alpkokin, Dr. Together with Şengül Altan Arslan, she became the second female assistant general secretary to take part in the senior management.

My Pelin Alpkokin Biography

Alpkökin, the new deputy general secretary of IMM, is a graduate of Istanbul Technical University, Department of Civil Engineering.

Pelin Alpkökin completed the Transportation Engineering Master's program in 1998. In 2002, he started his doctoral studies at Nagoya University, Japan, received the title of Doctor in 2005, and started to work as a faculty member at Istanbul Technical University in 2008.

Continuing his academic studies on "Railway engineering and policies", "Transportation planning", "Finance models in infrastructure investments", "Infrastructure construction contract management", "International construction contracts", Alpkökin has many international publications. Alpkökin undertook an important task in starting the rebuilding of 10 metro lines that were stopped in the previous period.

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