Metro Services in Istanbul will continue until 02.00:XNUMX, and Metrobus Services will continue throughout the night.

Metro Services in Istanbul will continue until 02.00, Metrobus Services will continue throughout the night
Metro Services in Istanbul will continue until 02.00, Metrobus Services will continue throughout the night

İBB opened the roads that were closed due to the heavy snow and type that was effective on Monday evening, regardless of the definition of its responsibility area. Water, tea and soup were offered to 55 thousand people who were stranded on the main roads during the works where more than 48 thousand tons of salt was used. IMM Fire Department rescued 250 citizens stuck on the roads and 110 vehicles on the road. While the Metrobus continues its uninterrupted flights, the metro services have been extended until 02.00:XNUMX at night. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluurged the residents of Istanbul to heed the warnings despite the effective snowfall, which is expected to start again in the evening.

The snowfall, which increased its intensity from 24 on Monday, January 15.00 in Istanbul, mostly showed its effect on the European Side. Due to the dense type, the visibility of the drivers was obscured. Snowfall per square meter in 8 hours was 60 kilograms. Snow thickness reached 80-100 centimeters in places. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) used around 55 thousand tons of salt and 21 tons of solution within the framework of the fight against snow, which has been going on for four days.

IMM, which opened the D100 highway, which was effectively closed in the western districts of the city, to transportation, also took part in the opening of TEM, Basın Ekspres and non-main arterial roads outside its area of ​​responsibility. The teams provide shoveling, dozer and heavy equipment support to Arnavutkoy, which is the 4th REGION. IMM teams also continue to work on opening the Hadımköy road, which was closed due to vehicles left on the road.

It is estimated that the effective precipitation will start again from 18.00 today, with some effect from place to place. İBB will continue its struggle against unfavorable weather conditions with 7 thousand 421 personnel, 582 vehicles and construction equipment.


In the last 2 days, İBB distributed food packages to 11 thousand 42 personnel and 570 thousand citizens who participated in snow-fighting activities across Istanbul with 30 mobile kiosks. Again, water, tea and soup were offered to 48 thousand citizens who were stranded on the main roads via mobile kiosks. A total of 120 supplies and mobile materials were distributed.

Free soup and water are offered to all citizens staying on the road and living on the street in 21 social facilities of IMM. On the other hand, at 8 points tonight (Cevizlivineyard Metrobus, Şirinevler Metrobus, Yenikapı Marmaray, Beylikdüzü Marmara Park AVM, Alibeyköy Bus Terminal, Esenler Bus Terminal) will serve with mobile kiosks and 30 thousand food packages.


IMM Health Department Home Health Services team continued its service non-stop for citizens who are sick, bedridden or in need of care. Despite the harsh winter conditions, health, care and rehabilitation services continue to be provided to Istanbulites in the environment they live in.


IMM hosts 541 people so that the citizens living on the street are not affected by the harsh winter conditions. The care center in Esenyurt for men and the guest house in Kayışdağı for women started to serve. These centers provide clothing, hygiene and medicine support. In addition, after the health screening, homeless people who test positive for COVID will be placed in isolation in designated areas. These studies are carried out by the IMM Health Department.

Since 1 December 2021, a total of 401 homeless citizens have been hosted by IMM.


IMM Veterinary Services Directorate teams continue to support the stray animals that have difficulty in finding food in the remote areas of the city due to the cold weather. It distributes 500 tons of dry food with high nutritional value per day at 2 points per week.


The current situation in public transportation, where metro services will continue at 02.00 and metrobus services will continue throughout the night, is as follows:

Metro Istanbul

As of this morning, the services are running normally on all lines on the rail system lines, which were extended until 02.00:XNUMX last night and continuous precautionary driving and cleaning works were carried out.

T1 Kabataş-The malfunction experienced last night on the Bağcılar Tram Line has been fixed. Flights are made at 5-minute intervals.

The flights on the metro lines have been extended until 02.00:XNUMX at night today.

As of 00.00:1; M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M9, M1 metro, F1 funicular and T4, T5, T30 tram lines will operate at XNUMX-minute intervals.

City Lines

There is no voyage disruption on the City Lines Ferries as of now, and the voyages are carried out in their normal course.


As of the moment, 86 thousand 5 trips have been carried out with 240 thousand 19 vehicles on IETT lines with 185 additional flights. Metrobus will continue to operate without interruption.


IMM's winter preparation capacity is as follows:

  • Responsible Road Network: 4.023 km
  • Number of Employees: 7.421
  • Number of Vehicles and Construction Equipment: 1.582
  • Salt Stock: 143.360 tons
  • Box Salt (to critical points): 350 pieces
  • Solution Status: 64 tanks (1.290 tons capacity, 25 tons per hour production)
  • Number of Tractors (for village roads): 142
  • Crane - Number of Rescuers: 11
  • Metrobus Route: 187 km (33 construction machines)
  • Ice Early Warning System: 60 stations

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