Mersin Metropolitan Said 'May Our Way Be Open' in 2021

Mersin Metropolitan Said 'May Our Way Be Open' in 2021

Mersin Metropolitan Said 'May Our Way Be Open' in 2021

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction, Maintenance and Repair Department said "May our way be open, no stone touches your feet" in 2021 and brought Mersin together with modern roads by using 537 thousand 298 tons of hot asphalt. In 2021, 593 kilometers of surface asphalt coating and 434 thousand 605 square meters of pavement work were carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality.

Services continue uninterrupted

The Metropolitan Municipality continues its work in all districts in order to meet the city's road construction, maintenance and repair needs. The Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department, which will continue to increase its work completed in 2021 in 2022, continues to serve with 359 personnel and a total of 4 vehicles and construction machines in 230 central districts. The services provided in the districts are planned in coordination with the branch offices affiliated to the Office of Muhtarlık Affairs, and the road needs that are important for the citizens are met.

Sevgi Floor Junction and 4th Ring Road were put into service in 2021

The Metropolitan Municipality, which opened the Sevgi Storey Junction in 2021, completed the construction of the intersection in 87 days. The Metropolitan Municipality teams, which continued their work at full speed after the Sevgi Storey Junction, which was put into service for the people of Mersin, also started the construction of the multi-storey intersection in Göçmen. In 2021, the 4th Ring Road was also put into service by the Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department.

The way of the producers in the countryside is always open

The Metropolitan Municipality paved the way for the Mersin producer with its road works in rural neighborhoods. Metropolitan, which built a bridge between rural neighborhoods with the asphalt works on the group roads, enabled the producers to reach the center easily. While the Metropolitan Municipality pays attention to the integration of the roads it builds with the bicycle paths, it also takes care to build bicycle paths on the new roads to be built.

Works will continue rapidly in 2022

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer stated that they wanted to work quickly at the intersection of 34th Street and 2nd Ring Road after the multi-storey intersection work in Göçmen. Stating that they aim to complete a 2024-storey intersection by 5, together with the ones whose construction has been completed so far, President Seçer said, “These are clear. Already two completed. One was half inherited. However, there is another important point that the intersection in the lower part of the Akbelen Cemetery creates a problem and prevents traffic. Under the responsibility of the Highways. We are continuing our negotiations with the Highways regarding its completion as soon as possible. There may be different developments, we cannot say anything at the moment, but we can promise my citizens that if there is no extraordinary development, we will complete the 5-storey intersection between 2019-2024.”

Mayor Seçer stated that as the Metropolitan Municipality, they carried out the works quickly and said, “We completed the Love Floor Junction in 87 days. The work we started is finished. As long as there is no mishap. We strive to serve. We provide all kinds of services to Mersin, and we will continue to do so. Just as we have made our night into our day until today, we will continue from now on," he said.

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