Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Carried out 1,1 Billion Liras of Road Works in a Year

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Carried out 1,1 Billion Liras of Road Works in a Year
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Carried out 1,1 Billion Liras of Road Works in a Year

İZBETON, the company that carries out the road and construction works of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, has invested approximately 2021 billion liras in İzmir in 1,1, including hot asphalt, surface coating, parquet coating activities. While the slowing down urban transformation process accelerated with the participation of İZBETON in the construction tenders, the problems of many neighborhoods were solved thanks to the Emergency Solution teams. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also took action to build a school entirely for the first time in its history.

İZBETON, a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Municipality, which has completely renovated the most important main arteries of İzmir, will deliver approximately 2021 billion tons to İzmir in 1 with approximately 1,3 million tons of asphalt paving and patching, 1 million square meters of parquet and 1,1 million square meters of surface coating. Invested Rs. İZBETON, which has reached all parts of İzmir from the districts far from the center to the production roads, has undersigned over a thousand kilometers of road works. 90% of the excavations of other institutions have been completed.

Increased the number of vehicles to 500

İZBETON, which invested 2021 million liras in construction and asphalt application machinery, facilities, service and freight vehicles in 40, increased the number of vehicles in its machinery park to 500 with new purchases and increased its power to become one of the companies with the largest machinery park in the Aegean Region. A total of 25 trucks and trucks were purchased, including an asphalt scraper, asphalt paving vehicle, crushing and screening plant, asphalt distributor and tank.

It accelerated urban transformation

President Tunç SoyerIn line with İZBETON's vision of accelerating urban transformation works in İzmir, İZBETON started to participate in tenders in 2021 and the slowing urban transformation process was accelerated. Karşıyaka İZBETON, which started the third and fourth phases in the Örnekköy District and the first phase in the Gaziemir Emrez District, has made significant progress in both projects.
For the third phase of Ornekkoy, which includes 584 residences and 27 workplaces, a turnkey business protocol was signed with SS Business World Housing Construction Cooperative, and sales and installation processes were initiated. Evacuation of old buildings, license procedures and displacement works have been completed for the fourth phase, which includes 380 residences and 27 workplaces. On January 7, 2022, signatures were signed with the "SS Business People Ornekkoy Housing Cooperative" for the construction of the fourth stage.

İZBETON, which continues to work on a total area of ​​292 thousand square meters covering 22 residences, eight workplaces, a social facility/commercial area in Gaziemir Emrez District, will accelerate its activities with the relocation of the market place in the project area.

A first in İzmir: School in Karabağlar

In 2021, the Metropolitan Municipality took action to build a complete school for the first time in its history. Within the scope of the protocol signed with the İzmir Provincial Directorate of National Education, studies were started for the 32 classrooms “Orhan Kemal Primary School” in Karabağlar Abdi İpekçi District. İZBETON undertook the production of the project, which will be realized entirely by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with its own means. The ground survey for the school, which will be built on an area of ​​​​14 thousand 545 square meters in the region known as "Old Çamlık" among the people, has been completed. The construction tender is planned to be made in the first quarter of 2022.

President Tunç SoyerIn the investigations of the Emergency Solution teams, which were formed in line with the vision of . With the completion of the school building, children living in the area will no longer have to cross mountainous terrain and walk long distances.

“Immediate Solution” to Izmir's needs

Emergency Solution teams, working under the coordination of İZBETON General Manager Heval Savaş Kaya in 2021, produced "urgent solutions" to many problems by working in the neighborhoods of the city that were underdeveloped in terms of service. Within the scope of the project, work has been carried out in 16 neighborhoods so far. Finally, at the request of the residents of Karabağlar Peker District, the nearly 24 thousand square meter Peker Park, which was idle, was transformed into a new living space. Within the scope of the project, carpet pitch, walking path, new generation playgrounds, chess areas, sitting groups, fitness equipment, disabled ramp, lighting and stairs were built. Picnic areas were created in the park, whose ground arrangement and landscaping work was completed, and the Grand Plaza Buffet was opened.

One of the Aegean's greatest powers

İZBETON continued to be among the biggest companies of the Aegean Region in 2021 as well. İZBETON, which is on the list of 100 Largest Industrial Enterprises of the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, continues to work with all its corporate strength for İzmir with its three construction sites, more than 850 personnel, a machine park with 500 vehicles, asphalt plant and parquet factories that produce non-stop.

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